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Mannheimer Klinik für Plastische Chirurgie

Mannheimer Klinik für Plastische Chirurgie
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The Clinic

The Mannheimer Klinik für Plastische Chirurgie was founded in the year 1989 by the plastic surgeon Hermann Solz, M.D. and is since May 2003 in the new building in the top location in Mannheim.

Single and two bed rooms are available

The friendly designed, light-filled and comfortable patient rooms offer a superior style of accomodation, with bath and shower, TV, Internet (Wi-Fi), Telefone, emergency-call system and full electronic beds. The living area extends outdoors to a balcony and garden.

The OR and Operating Center Prof. Dr. Ivo Pitanguy

The OR and Operating Center became the name Prof. Dr. Ivo Pitanguy to honor the world most famous Plastic Surgeon from Rio de Janeiro for his explendid work in the field of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

Aesthetic Surgery is voluntary

As with any surgery, the single most important factor in the success of aesthetic plastic surgery is the surgeon you select. Do not take this responsibility lightly. Conduct your own research to verify the surgeon's training and experience; then weigh your decision carefully.

There are a number of ways to evaluate which surgeon is right for you. Check for certification by the DGPRÄC (Deutsche Gesellschaft Plastischer, Rekonstruktiver und Ästhetischer Chirurgen - before VDPC), which means the surgeon has undergone an approved plastic surgery residency of at least  six years. Remember that in Germany and many other countries, it is legal for any physician who holds a medical license, with or without surgical training, to advertise as an aesthetic or cosmetic surgeon. That's why understanding board certification is so important for the prospective patient.

If there is confusion about a surgeon's board certification, you may consult the VDPC or affiliated associations. Due to limitations following the reform of the German Health System, physicians from other medical specialties such as general practitioners, gynecologists, ear-nose and throat specialists and even dermatologists try to practice aesthetic surgery - often without appropriate surgical training and without prior experience in this field. Try to be cautious if you cannot find the specialty title of the doctor, if in doubt, just ask for it.

The title you should look for is "Facharzt für Plastische Chirurgie" or "Specialist in Plastic Surgery". These titles are not to be used by physicians who have not had the adequate full specialist-training. Talk candidly with the surgeon. After you have checked the credentials of a plastic surgeon, you should make an appointment for an initial consultation. During this consultation, the surgeon will examine  you, explain the operation and may give you literature describing preoperative considerations and postoperative care. You should feel comfortable discussing your expectations and questioning your surgeon on any aspect of the surgery. A qualified and reputable plastic surgeon will be happy to answer your questions and to inform you of the possible risks and side effects associated with surgery. If you don't feel comfortable or if you are not sure, whether this surgeon is what you expected, it might be a good idea to have more consultations with 2 or 3 other surgeons. May be you will have to put in a bit more effort, but you should be certain to be in "safe and caring" hands!

Even a Specialist in Plastic Surgery should have a longstanding experience with aesthetic operations. To make sure you find the right surgeon it is relevant to ask the following questions whithout feeling intrusive:

  • since when does the surgeon perform these operations?

  • how many of these operations has the surgeon performed already?

  • does he mainly do aesthetic procedures or is his main interest in another field (reconstructive or hand surgery etc.)?

  • can he show you photographs of other patients who underwent surgery with him or her and who had successful operations? Does he have before-and-after photographs? (These can be a hint to the qualification of the surgeon, but don't base your selection just on a couple of pictures.)

  • what kind of specialist-training has he had, does he have certificates?

Don't be too enthusiastic about computer-simulations. They represent only "toys" and cannot guarantee a definite postoperative result. It might be convenient to play around with these programs but don't forget that there are many factors influencing the outcome of an operation such as wound healing, scar formation, skin quality etc. You may end up not looking the way you looked like on the screen!

It is important to remember that aesthetic plastic surgery molds and reshapes living tissue, and the results are not absolutely predictable. No surgeon can offer risk free surgery or guarantee a perfect result.

The results achieved in some aesthetic surgical procedures, such as surgery of the nose, ears and chin, are permanent. In others, particularly those that diminish the effects of aging, results may be long lasting but are not permanent. Plastic surgery may be able to turn back the clock but will not stop it from running.

The ideal candidate for aesthetic plastic surgery is an individual who recognizes a specific area in which his or her appearance could be improved and has a strong personal desire to make a change. Many people choose aesthetic surgery to give themselves added confidence in the workplace, a psychological boost after a lifestyle change or simply to help them look as young as they feel. Whatever your reasons for choosing aesthetic plastic surgery, it is important to have realistic expectations. Often, improving a feature of your face or body will make you feel good about yourself, and that can have a positive impact in many areas of your life. Having aesthetic surgery is not, however, a guarantee of happiness or better relationships with others. Surgery can enhance your appearance; the rest is up to you.

What is Plastic Surgery?

Plastic Surgery is not a development of the 20th century. Highly sophisticated techniques were employed as early as the 6. century A.D. when surgeons in India described an operation to reconstruct defects of the nose and there is historical proof, that during the reign of the Roman Empire doctors used plastic surgery to treat defects of the skin. Rather slowly was the delicate art of plastic and aesthetic surgery diffused and over centuries much of it even seemed forgotten. A new approach was made in Germany during the 19th century after which this specialty of surgery began to become more and more popular. The reconstruction of form and function drew attention from the public not only then but even more today. This highly specialized surgical discipline often finds itself spread out amongst many other different lines of surgery, which does not account for the complexity of the subject.

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Info Prices from* Prices up to* Payment by instalment possible
Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tucks) Tummy Tuck Revision From €6,400 To €7,200 Yes
Antiaging From €200 To €1,900
Arm Lift Surgery From €4,400 To €4,900 Yes
Augmentation (enlargement) of G-spot From €1,500 Yes
Botulinum toxin - Wrinkle Removal From €200
Brazilian Butt Lift From €4,500 To €5,600
Breast Augmentation - Breast Implants From €5,800 To €6,400 Yes
   Breast augmentation – Macrolane From €1,000
   Breast enlargement using own fat (stem cells)
   Fat transfer breast augmentation From €3,200 To €5,800
Breast Implant Removal From €1,000 To €2,500 Yes
Breast lift (Mastopexy) From €5,800 To €6,400
   Breast lift with implants From €6,100 To €7,200
Breast Reconstruction
Breast reduction From €6,100 To €6,500
Brow lift From €2,200
Buttock and calf plastic surgery From €3,700 To €4,500 Yes
Carpal tunnel syndrome
Chemical peeling
   Green Peel From €330
Chin Surgery
Dermabrasion From €250 To €700 Yes
Dermal fillers From €200 To €800 Yes
   Fat (lipofiling) From €1,800 To €3,400
   Hyaluronic acid-based wrinkle fillers From €200 To €800
   Radiesse (Calcium hydroxylapatit) To €400
   Sculptra New Fill (Poly-L-lactic acid) From €500
Dupuytren's contracture
Ear surgery (Otoplasty) From €2,400 Yes
Enlargement and shaping of buttocks and hips From €4,500 To €5,600 Yes
Entfernung eines Doppelkinns
   Chin Liposuction From €1,600
Eyelid surgery (Blepharoplasty) Asian Eyelid Surgery From €2,200 To €4,200 Yes
   Eye Bags Treatment From €2,400 Yes
Facelift From €7,500 To €8,800 Yes
Facial contouring
Forehead lift (Brow lift) From €3,700 Yes
Fractional Laser Resurfacing
Gynecomastia (Male Breast Reduction) From €4,200 To €5,400 Yes
Hair Transplant
Hand surgery
Hymenoplasty - hymen reconstruction surgery From €1,300 Yes
Intense pulse light Treatment (IPL)
Inverted nipples From €950 To €1,900
Labiaplasty (Labia Reduction) From €1,600 To €2,400 Yes
Laser procedures in aesthetic dermatology
   Laser acne treatment
   Laser skin tag removal
   Spider veins laser removal (redness, birh marks)
Lip augmentation - cheiloplasty From €200 To €800
   Lip augmentation (fat injection, lipofilling)
   Lip Lift
Liposuction Basic liposuction From €1,600 To €6,100 Yes
   Power assisted liposuction From €1,600 To €6,100 Yes
   Tumescent liposuction From €1,600 To €6,100 Yes
Liquid facelift
Microneedling (Dermaroller) From €900 To €1,600
Mini Lift - Lifestyle Lift From €4,400 To €5,400
Mole removal From €50 To €150
   Lipoma Removal From €50 To €150
Mommy makeover From €5,800 To €12,400
Mons veneris liposuction From €3,100
Neck lift From €4,400 To €5,200
Non Surgical Lift From €1,800 To €2,800
Non-Surgical Nose Job
Permanent make-up From €250 To €700 Yes
PRP – Plasma therapy From €450
Rhinoplasty (Nose Job) From €3,200 To €6,400
Scar removal From €450 To €3,200
The facial implants surgery From €1,500 To €3,000 Yes
Thigh Lift Surgery From €5,200 To €6,100 Yes
Thread lift From €750 To €2,400
Treatment for hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) Treatment of excessive... From €750 To €2,400
   Botulinum toxin treatment of hyperhidrosis From €500
Treatment of cellulite
Ultrasonic cavitation From €250 To €300 Yes
Ultrasonic non-invasive liposuction
Vaginal repair (Vaginoplasty)

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