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Are your large breasts causing you difficulties? Breast reduction might be the answer to your problems. It usually offers relief from pain and a more attractive breast shape. A breast reduction specialist should be an accredited plastic surgeon. Plastic surgery reduces the size of the breasts to improve size and shape. Choose carefully! A well-performed breast reduction gives patients both physical and mental relief. Have a look at the list of 3 doctors and 0 clinics that offer breast reductions in Brampton. For breast reductions in Brampton we have 0 reviews, but none of them mentioned the price. You can be the first and help others make their decision.

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Dr. Joseph Baum
Plastic surgery –  13 km  Toronto
Dr. Christine Tang
Plastic surgery –  14 km  Toronto
Dr. Hugh A. McLean
Plastic surgery –  19 km  Mississauga
Dr. Holli-Ellen Schlosser
Plastic surgery –  19 km  Toronto
Dr. Conor Turley
Plastic surgery –  19 km  Mississauga
Dr. Richard J. Inman
Plastic surgery –  20 km  Mississauga
Dr. Cory Goldberg
Plastic surgery –  21 km  Toronto
Dr. Morris Rebot
Plastic surgery –  21 km  Toronto
Dr. Kyle Wanzel
Plastic surgery –  21 km  Toronto
Dr. Leila Kasrai
Plastic surgery –  21 km  Toronto
Dr. Ronald H. Levine
Plastic surgery –  21 km  Toronto
Dr. Robert J. Knowlton
Plastic surgery –  21 km  Toronto
Dr. Robert Madronich
Plastic surgery –  22 km  Toronto
Frank Lista M.D.
Plastic surgery –  23 km  Mississauga
Dr. Raymond D. Martin
Plastic surgery –  23 km  Toronto
Dr. Craig Fielding
Plastic surgery –  24 km  Toronto
Dr. Steve E.s. Samuel
Plastic surgery –  26 km  Toronto
Dr. Colin Hong
Plastic surgery –  27 km  North York
Dr Jerome Edelstein MD, FRCSC
Plastic surgery –  28 km  Toronto
22 years of practice
Dr. Atul Kesarwani
Plastic surgery –  29 km  Toronto
Dr. Julie Khanna
Plastic surgery –  30 km  Oakville
Dr. Dimitrios Anastakis
Plastic surgery –  30 km  Toronto
Dr. Linda Dvali
Plastic surgery –  30 km  Toronto
Dr. Peter Bray
Plastic surgery –  30 km  Toronto
Dr. Thomas A.b. Bell
Plastic surgery –  30 km  Toronto

Which plastic surgeon should you choose for breast reduction?

Breast reduction can be performed in several different ways. A breast reduction specialist Brampton should present several different options for performing breast reduction. The final result of breast reduction can only be seen after 6-12 months. It takes time for the scars to fade and the breasts to "settle." In some cases breast reduction is covered by insurance, but you need to discuss that in person with your plastic surgeon at the consultation.

Breast reduction consultation with a specialist

The plastic surgeon you see for a breast reduction consultation should show you plenty of before/after pictures for breast reduction. Also ask to see pictures for breast reduction after one week, one month and six months, so you will have realistic expectations from breast reductionBrampton. It's also a great idea to get in touch with patients who have already had a breast reduction. On Estheticon you can find the best specialists for breast reductionBrampton, look at reviews on their profiles and get in touch with their patients. Reviews on breast reduction Brampton will certainly help you choose a specialist. The price should not be the main criterion when choosing a plastic surgeon. If you cannot pay for the surgery at once go and choose breast reduction on installments.

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