Breast lift (Mastopexy) Lille

Are you looking for a plastic surgeon for mammaplasty in Lille?

Would you like to improve the shape of your breasts? Mammaplasty is always performed by a plastic surgeon. Depending on how you want your breasts to look, the plastic surgeon can choose mammaplasty using implants. Choose carefully from 5 plastic surgeons and 0 plastic surgery clinics that perform mammaplasty in Lille. Choose a specialist in mammaplasty based on reviews, pictures, etc. You can see mammaplasty results Lille in before and after pictures. You can also view 2 reviews of mammaplasty, of which 1 reviews mention the price of mammaplasty in Lille. They indicate that the average price of mammaplasty in Lille is $4,709.

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Dr Ahmad Qassemyar
Plastic surgery – Lille
Response: 100%, < 1 day
Price from
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Showing results for Breast lift from location Lille.
Docteur Stéphane Houzé de l'Aulnoit
Plastic surgery –  5 km  Lesquin
21 years of practice
Dr Sébastien Tourbach
Plastic surgery –  23 km  Tournai, Malmedy
Response: 100%, < 2 days
23 reviews
Dr Christophe Zirak
Plastic surgery –  93 km  Brussels
11 years of practice
Response: 100%, < 1 day
2 reviews
Price from
Dr Ronan Le Pendeven
Plastic surgery –  43 km  Arras
9 years of practice
5 reviews
Dr Jean De Wan
Plastic surgery –  45 km  Valenciennes, Charleroi, Waterloo (BE)
Response: 33%, Doctor usually doesn't respond within 7 days*
Dr Dominique Marcil
Plastic surgery –  50 km  Flobecq
19 years of practice
3 reviews
Dr Filip Stillaert
Plastic surgery –  59 km  Sint-Martens-Latem
Prof Phillip Blondeel
Plastic surgery –  547 km  Montreux, Ghent
Dr Patrick Tonnard MD, PhD
Plastic surgery –  66 km  Ghent
60 years of practice
Dr. mult. Maurice Yves Mommaerts M.D.
Additional Qualification Plastic Surgery –  66 km  Bruges (BE)
Docteur Florian Gaede
Plastic surgery –  67 km  Mons
14 years of practice
Response: 86%, < 1 day
Dr. Raphaël Gheerardyn
Plastic surgery –  67 km  Mons
Response: 83%, < 1 day
2 reviews
Docteur Alan Rwigemera
Plastic surgery –  68 km  Enghien
Dr. Yves Sinove
Plastic surgery –  77 km  Aalst
Response: 80%, < 62 days
Dr van Heijningen Ivar
Plastic surgery –  80 km  Knokke, Blankenberge
18 years of practice
Response: 100%, < 1 day
Price from
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 80 km  Knokke
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Dr Wim Danau
Plastic surgery –  87 km  Dilbeek
23 years of practice
Response: 96%, < 1 day
11 reviews
Price from
Dr Socorro Maria Ortiz Carrillo
Plastic surgery –  91 km  Brussels
16 years of practice
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