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Dental Care Egypt

Dental hospital Cairo
Dental hospital Cairo
Dental Care Egypt

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An advanced specialized & dental practice in Egypt & the Middle East for esthetic and routine dentistry. The smile you deserve!

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About Dental care - Egypt

We have the highest international technology & experience which enables us to diagnose & treat teeth pain & abnormalities.

In Dental Care - Egypt we have the highest international modalities & technology for sterilization. You have to relax and be sure that you and your family are completely safe from cross-infection that can occur at dental clinic.


In Dental Care - Egypt, all the used instruments pass a strict sterilization cycle.

The quaternary sterilization cycle includes:

  • Soaking all the used instruments in a disinfectant solution for an hour, this kills 97% of the attached microbes.

  • Washing the instruments to remove solid surface contaminations.

  • Instruments surface cleaning with ultrasonic wawes.

  • All instruments are then bagged sand placed in a class B autoclave, which is the highest technology for medical instruments sterilization.

That ends with sterile instruments that make you just relax and be sure for safety of your family.


Starting with diagnosis in DentalCare-Egypt aou can touch the difference as we are using the highest international technology.

In DentalCare -Egypt we use precise intraoral cameras to allow you watch your problems by yourself and to share the treatment plan.

Thanks to OWANDY RVG digital radiographic technology, you can watch your diagnostic x-rays on the computer LCD in less than 4 seconds without using the processing acids or chemicals. With OWANDY RVG, we can make diagnostic x-rays your teeth with the use of x-ray dose 5 times less than the ordinary x-ray.

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Plastic Surgery
Ceramic facets - veneers
Dental crowns and bridges
Dental implants
Dental mini implants
Other cosmetic and aesthetic dentistry
Teeth whitening
Zircon (full ceramic) Implants

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  • Prices are recalculated on a daily basis according to the current exchange rate

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Dental hospital Cairo
15 ElMerghany Street