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Maltepe mah. Eski çırpıcı yolu sok.

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Best Doctor in Turkey

 |  Hair replacement
Registered user
Registered user  |  2017-12-28
  It's worth it , Total price: €2,090

I was in Turkey last week for hair transplant and i am content with services of Dr. Altan’s Hospital and very IMPORTANT he is using 0.7 mm- Dr. Altan’s MicroFUE. He perform it without harming donor area and harvest maximum density also explain everything well. Best doctor in Turkey. Highly recommend... More 


I love everything about procedure

 |  Hair replacement
adasko1977  |  2017-09-21
  It's worth it , Total price: AU$2,650

I love everything about my trip and procedure. Dr Altan is very responsive and I have had all answers straight away. The facility is amazing and staff is highly professional and do amazing job. I am two weeks post op and people can't believe the result. It looks natural, very dens and what important... More 

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Trasplante capilar con doctor Ahmed Altan

 |  Implante capilar
Alvarillo  |  2017-10-23
  It's worth it , Total price: €2,090

Soy un chico de Salamanca (España) que fui a hacerme un injerto capilar con el doctor Ahmed Altan,y después de 13 meses solo puedo hablar muy bien de su clínica y de este doctor,yo estoy muy contento con los resultados obtenidos.

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Our profile


Dr. Altan’s MicroFUE method focuses on Accurate Design, natural hairlines, maximum density and strategic placement.


  • EHRS - European Hair Research Society


Every patient for us is important and we will work maximum for every patient. Whatever is your graft count necessity we have availability to achieve it without harming the donor(occipital) area.

Dr. Altan’s MicroFUE method is scarless and painless with last technology Micro-motors.

Advantages of MicroFUE

If you want to wear your hair short after the operation or don’t like pace around with scar on back of your head so you are a good candidate for MicroFUE because it does not leave any kind of scar tissue.

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Hair replacement We choose cash payment as... From €1,900 To €2,190
PRP – Plasma therapy From €150 To €200


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