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Dr Purushottam Reddy Padala MBBS, MS(Ortho),FRCS(Edin) FRCS(Glas),

Orthopedics Hyderabad  |  Foot Surgery Hyderabad  |  Plastic Surgery Hyderabad


Orthopedics Hyderabad  |  Foot Surgery Hyderabad  |  Plastic Surgery Hyderabad

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Our profile - Dr Purushottam Reddy Padala MBBS, MS(Ortho),FRCS(Edin) FRCS(Glas), - Orthopedics Hyderabad  |  Foot Surgery Hyderabad  |  Plastic Surgery Hyderabad


I love my job to the core. I have spent years talking to people and understanding their disease. Making a diagnosis is a challenge I love.


Other membership:

  • ASI - Association of Surgeons of India
  • IAMI - Indian Association for Medical Informatics
  • IMA - The Indian Medical Association


Welcome! We specialise in Foot and ankle surgery. We diagnose and treat a variety of conditions like Bunion, hammer toes, claw toes, in-turned toes, flat foot, club foot, charcot's foot, arthritis of the ankle, great toe, subtalar joint, tarsal tunnel syndrome, diabetic foot ulcers, foot care, foot pain especially metatarsalgia, plantar fasciitis, tendon and ligament injuries and a lot more disorders.
We have diagnosis, therapies and effective treatment both surgical and non-surgical.

Specialization and preferred practice areas

Diabetic foot surgery
Podiatric surgery
Foot surgeon
Foot and ankle surgeon
Reconstructive foot and ankle surgery
Joint replacement
Trauma surgeryof the foot

Professional philosophy

I give the patients lengthy info and education about their conditions and diagnosis. With the information, patients are able to make informed decisions about the pros and cons of a particular treatment. For example with a severe calcaneus fracture, in spite of the original operation to fix the bone, at a later stage with arthritis setting into the sub-talar joint, a sub-talar joint fusion may be required. This is clearly explained to the patient, so they have a road map of events to likely happen.

Our office/clinic

We are a small centre with a high throughput of patient turnover. Despite that we have a very friendly atmosphere to our centre, where we give patient to come out with the problem. Our friendly staff make it a point to see that patients are comfortable. 
Many a times patients have told us that they would rather come to a small centre rather than go to a corporate hospital for treatment, mainly because WE LISTEN.

Education and practice

I participate in annual national, international and state level conferences and workshops from time to time. Also rare cases are discussed with colleagues during regional or local meets. This helps to disseminate knowledge as well exchange ideas with others.Also I subscibe to international and national journal, which keep me updated on latest knowledge.


Typically I call the relatives also a) so that the patient is not that apprehensive and b) that they feed in some of the history to give vitals clues for diagnosis. First a complete history is taken, then on a couch a thorough examination is done, including any ancillary system examination. Then appropriate tests as required are done. Corroboration is done with previous tests if any. And a treatment plan is chalked out. If it is a non-operative condition, medicines and therapy are prescribed and patient asked to return to clinic at appropriate intervals.

If operative, a detailed discussion of success rated, complications if any and approximate time for recovery and cost are discussed

Did you know?

I have trained in the best institutes around the world in London, Birmingham, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Florida and practiced first class sub-specialty foot and ankle surgerery work several years, before coming back to India. I have also published in 
1) British medical journal
2) Journal of bone and joint surgery
3) Journal of knee surgery
4) International orthopaedics
5) Hellenic journal of orthopaedics
7) Journal of shoulder surgery

I have also done research on nerve injury during pin placement, blood loss during surgery, and cancer surgery.

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Aesthetic foot and ankle surgery
   Bunion surgery (hallux valgus)
   Foot – Hammer toe
Treatment for hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating)

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Orthopedics Hyderabad  |  Foot Surgery Hyderabad  |  Plastic Surgery Hyderabad
Road No: 10 Jubilee Hills,
1 st floor
500045 Hyderabad
G-1 Anitha Enclave, Road No: 10 Jubilee Hills,