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Dr. med. Ulrich Twent

Maxillofacial Surgery Recklinghausen  |  Additional Qualification Plastic Surgery Recklinghausen
Maxillofacial Surgery Recklinghausen  |  Additional Qualification Plastic Surgery Recklinghausen
FACE LOFT Praxisklinik für Plastische Gesichtschirurgie
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Anonymous 2013-04-19
It's worth it

Bei Dr. Twent stimmt einfach alles. Wurde m.E. perfekt behandelt und bin mit der Durchführung, Betreuung und dem Ergebnis super zufrieden! Was mir ebenfalls sehr gut gefallen hat ist die - umfassende Aufklärung und... Erläuterungen - Freundlichkeit des gesamten Teams - das sehr moderne Ambiente - und die extrem kurze Wartezeit in Vergleich zu anderen Ärzten Mein Fazit: ich kann diesen Arzt uneingeschränkt weiterempfehlen More 

Anonymous 2012-01-24
It's worth it

Er hat sich immer sehr viel Zeit genommen und ich hatte immer das Gefühl, in guten Händen zu sein. Meine Nase funktioniert wieder einwandfrei.

Recommendations from colleagues

Our profile - Dr. med. Ulrich Twent - Maxillofacial Surgery Recklinghausen  |  Additional Qualification Plastic Surgery Recklinghausen


FACE LOFT "Your face in the best hands"


Other membership:

  • DGMKG - Deutsche Gesellschaft für Allgemein- und Viszeralchirurgie e.V.


Dr. Twent and his team are looking forward to your visit in FACE LOFT. Our clinic for plastic facial surgery is located in a health center with a surgical center. This medical center is connected directly to the St. Elisabethkrankenhaus Dorsten. It offers you a highly modern ambience in the elegant Bauhausdesign of USM-Haller and Vitra.

Specialization and preferred practice areas

Specialization and focus of our practice

As a specialist for oral, maxillofacial and facial surgery with advanced training "plastic surgery" is Dr. med. Ulrich Twent specialized in plastic and aesthetic surgery in the area of head and neck. Focusing on one field of activity is already an important guarantee for the success of our treatment.

Focus of our clinic 
  • Nasal correction. Minimal invasive technique without tampons. Natural nose profile by rhinoplasty in outpatient anesthesia. Not only a "nosejob" in the sense of ablation of nasal cavities or refinement of the nasal tip, but complementary medical 3D X-ray diagnostics. Planning with volumenomography for the straightening of the nasal bridge, the nasal septum, reduction of the nasal conchae and clarification of the sinuses.
  • Eyelid surgery of upper lid or lower lid. Blepharoplasty for the removal of undereye bags, drooping eyelids and dark circles. Heavy eyes in the morning, ballooned lower eyelids and visual field restrictions are particularly carefully corrected using microsurgical surgical techniques and eyeglasses.
  • Ear Corrections: Protruding ears is a checkout until the training is begun. Until the age of 18, the costs are still taken on request and after examination by the health insurance. After 18 years of age, the otopexia is usually classified as a cosmetic surgery and must be paid directly by the patient (instalment payment possible). Decrease ear lobes. Close the ear holes.
  • Anti-Aging with Botox and Hyaluron: Botulinum toxin is used for wrinkling through muscle relaxation (vertical wrinkles, cross-folds, crow's feet, etc.). Filler is used for wrinkle feeding (nasolabial folds, marionettes). Also a facelifting (liquid facelift) and the volume build-up of the cheekbones and lips with hyaluronic acid belongs to our routine.
  • Hair transplantation by hair loss: The androgen hair loss can be classified according to Hamilton-Norwood. Depending on this, the need for transplants (grafts) is required. From a graft sprout 1-3 hair. The transplantation of hair is carried out by our specialist Dr. Dr. Jens Ast.Techniques: follicular unit transplantation (FUT: Strip Strip method or technique) or follicular unit extraction (FUE: punching out the hair roots with a fine drill).
  • Skin cancer in the head or neck area is our daily routine in dermatological surgery. After sampling by your dermatologist we a) completely remove the tumor and b) the facial defect and scars are removed and make as invisible as possible
  • Ambulatory general anesthesia by an own anesthetist. Treatments in dormancy by infusion (dripping) or sedation with nitrous oxide are our daily activities.
  • FACELIFT: Text in progress

Professional philosophy

Immanuel Kant formulated the four basic questions of philosophy: "What is a person?" "What can I know?" "What can I hope for?" "What should I do?". Out of these questions, we are concerned the most in a daily life with the last one. It is the question of ethics and the response of our team is the benchmark of our treatment, "What you do not wish done to yourself , do not do to others”
Accordingly, we describe the qualities of our practice as: gentle, safe, comfortable and natural.

  • Relaxed twilight-sleep (infusion)
  • Nitrogen treatment (mask)
  • Outpatient general anesthesia (intubation anesthesia)
  • Minimal beam exposure by digital radiography
  • Bone surgery with ultrasound scalpel
  • Microsurgical surgery
  • Not least, the gentle hand of our asisstants ...
  • OP planning with its own 3-dimensional DVT X-ray diagnostics (volumenomography)
  • Ambulatory surgery center with class 1 clean room surgery
  • Direct hospitalization with beds, intensive care unit and certified central sterilization
  • Therapy hand in hand with your own dentist / general practitioner
  • Specialist standards with international trainings
  • Follow-up costs insurance for beauty treatments 
  • More than 200 parking places at Hülskampsweg 18. We will free your parking ticket of charge in our office!
  • Taxistand and bus stop comfortably in front of the door
  • Free WiFi: We work, you surf …
  • Waiting room TV: Latest information videos on implants and aesthetics
  • Air conditioning: cool in summer, warm in winter.
  • Current magazines: Elle, Vogue, Gala-Beauty, Auto-Motor-Sport etc.
  • Bed lift and passenger lift
  • Barrier-free practice
  • Comfortable design furniture and generous windows
  • Payment by instalments for private services
  • Whenever possible, we use your own body tissue to build up bones or soft tissues.
  • Alternatively, consistent use of biodegradable (resorbable) and thus optimally compatible replacement materials.

Our office/clinic

Our clinic for plastic facial surgery is located in a health center with ambulatory surgical center. This medical center is connected directly to the St. Elisabethkrankenhaus Dorsten. You will be welcomed by highly modern ambience in the elegant Bauhaus design of USM-Haller and Vitra.

You do not need a referral! Our aesthetic patients are coming to our practice for a lip-injector or "Botox to go".

Of course we are pleased with the recommendations and the close cooperation with colleagues from various fields:

  • Ear, nasal, and ostium surgeons: improvement of nasal breathing by correction of the nasal form, nasal septum and nasal conchae. 3 D Analysis of respiratory impairment and snoring by means of volumetomography (DVT). Diagnostics and therapy for nasal sinus infections.
  • Ophthalmologists: Correction of loops, eye bags, elimination of vision limitations. Removal of tumors on the eyelid and reconstruction.
  • Dermatologists: Removal of skin tumors such as basal cells, squamous cell carcinomas, melanomas (black skin cancer). Plastic-reconstructive closure of the skin defects of face and neck.
  • St. Elisabethkrankenhaus: cooperation as a consulial practice in interdisciplinary inpatient patients: fractures of facial bones and tumors.


Education and practice

Training, professional qualification and experience

As a specialist for oral, maxillofacial and facial surgery with advanced training "plastic surgery" is Dr. med. Ulrich Twent a specialist for plastic and aesthetic surgery in the head and neck area.

Would you like to see before-and-after photos of aesthetic interventions? The Heilmittelbetriebsgesetz (pharmaceutical-advertising law), which has been in force since 2006, prohibits German beauty surgeons, among others, from presenting "before / after photos" for advertising purposes. Simply write us to request our before-and-after pictures as part of an Internet consultation. 

Double degree:

Doctor: Studies of human medicine at the Ruhr University Bochum (RUB).

Dentist: Study of dentistry at the Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster (WWU).

Double Training:

Further education as a specialist for oral and maxillofacial surgery and further education as a specialist dentist for oral surgery: University Hospital Bochum-Langendreer and Academic Teaching Hospital Minden.

Specialization / additional advanced training Plastic and aesthetic operations:

Senior Physician with focus on aesthetic surgery, Minden Academic Hospital (MKG)

Head of Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery at the Alfried Krupp Hospital. Academic Teaching Hospital Essen (HNO)

Acquisition of the focus of activity "Aesthetic facial surgery" AMKG (Academy of DMKG)

2008 to date: Establishment of the Praxisklinik for MKG surgery in the health center at Elisabethkrankenhaus / Dorsten:

MOUTH JAWBONE FACE “...always BEAUTIFUL smile ..." http://www.mkg-dorsten.de/

FACE LOFT "Your face in the best hands" http://www.face-loft.de/


You do not need any referral! Our aesthetic patients are coming to us for a lip-injector or "Botox to go".

Public flat-rates, special offers and before-and-after pictures are not permitted in Germany. As a rule, you receive a cost plan according to the personal examination and alternatively depending on needs for anesthesia etc. Not to forget 19% VAT.

Payment in instalments is possible. No consultation fees for treatment within 2.5 months after initial consultation. All prices according to findings and GOÄ.

Did you know?


DGMKG - German Society of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

More info

Patients who are interested in cosmetic surgery have been treated by Dr. med. Ulrich Twent since 05/2017 also in Düsseldorf Oberkassel: MEDICAL INN "Beauty (er)leben"

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Plastic Surgery Prices from* Payment by instalment possible
BOTOX® / DYSPORT® Cosmetic - Botulinum toxin - Wrinkle Removal From €199 Yes
Brow lift From €1,299 Yes
Cheek Lift From €3,999 Yes
Chin Surgery From €1,999 Yes
Dermabrasion From €1,299 Yes
Dermal fillers From €199 Yes
   Hyaluronic acid-based wrinkle fillers From €249 Yes
Ear surgery (Otoplasty) From €1,999 Yes
Entfernung eines Doppelkinns
   Chin Liposuction From €2,999 Yes
Eyelid surgery (Blepharoplasty) From €1,299 Yes
   Eye Bags Treatment From €2,999 Yes
Facelift From €3,999 Yes
Forehead lift (Brow lift) From €2,999 Yes
Hair Transplant From €2,499 Yes
Lip augmentation - cheiloplasty From €249 Yes
Liquid facelift From €749 Yes
Mini Lift - Lifestyle Lift From €2,999 Yes
Neck lift From €2,999 Yes
Non Surgical Lift From €799 Yes
Non-Surgical Nose Job From €249 Yes
Rhinoplasty (Nose Job) From €2,499 Yes
Scar removal From €249 Yes
Septoplasty From €1,999 Yes
The facial implants surgery From €5,999 Yes
Treatment for hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating)
   Botox treatment of hyperhidrosis From €599 Yes
Dentistry Prices from* Payment by instalment possible
Treatment of periodontitis (periodontics) Yes

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  • Prices are recalculated on a daily basis according to the current exchange rate

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Maxillofacial Surgery Recklinghausen  |  Additional Qualification Plastic Surgery Recklinghausen
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