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An expert in skin care and beautification. I work closely with my client's requirement and budget and time my appointments that best suit their personal schedule.


I am an expert in skin care having served my clients for about 30 years now with successful results. I have worked on skin issues of many ethnicities including Middle Eastern, European, Pakistani/Indian, African-American and Asians. My facial treatments not only help the skin to deal with the harsh and ever-changing environmental factors but also to recover from the side-effects of unsuitable products that may have caused an inverse reaction and/or hormonal changes, poor health/diet and age related skin issues. I understand the types of skin sensitivities and allergens and ensure that a comfortable, safe and sterile environment is provided to my clients for effective and quick skin related issue resolution.

Specialization and preferred practice areas

Permanent Makeup including Eyeliner, LipLiner, Eyebrows and Hairline

Tattoo Makeup



Hydra Facial

Dermabrasion Facial

Galvanic Facial

All Electrical Facials

Professional philosophy

I make sure I 'listen more' during my individual consultation so I know what my client's requirements are. I prefer to give more than one option of treatment to my client giving them the pros and my preferred choice for both (or more) so the client is well informed when they make a decision. My clients are given enough time to research and come back to me with their decision and they have always left my clinic satisfied with the service they have received. 

Our office/clinic

My clinic is equipped with the latest and innovative equipment best suited for my clients. All services are provided in a professional and sanitary environment.


We schedule a time and I meet with my client on a one on one basis. A family member or friend/s are more than welcome to join in. This consultation takes place in my clinic/office.

Did you know?

I have 30 years of experience in the field of skin care as an estheticsian. I have been trained in the UK and have practiced in Europe, Middle East and Pakistan.

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Laser hair removal
Permanent make-up

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