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Hair replacement

Registered user 2018-08-13
It's worth it     

Good doctor ❤️❤️❤️

Great service for my hair transplante

Registered user 2018-05-24
It's worth it     

Guter Rundumservice. Viel Zeit bei Beantwortung aller Fragen und Ängsten. Google Translate: Good all-round service. A lot of time answering all questions and fears.

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About Dr. Cinik Clinic Hair Transplant & Plastic Surgery Dr.Cinik Clinic, which has been engaged in the partner hospital business since 1995 in / , provides service in various cities through out , with 15 hospitals, 2 hospital complexes, and 2 medical c


Other membership:

  • ISHRS - International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery


Why Choose Dr Cinik Clinic

  • Certified from JCI-USA
  • Guaranteed best prices
  • Highest quality care from experienced reproductive
  • Professionals and special assistants
  • 24hr access to telephone counsellors and doctors
  • Ultra-modern and luxury equipment
  • No hidden cost
  • 24/7 assistance

Your operation will be performed in Dr Cinik Clinic, which has the JCI USA and Turkish Ministry of Health accredited, and professional about hair transplantation. Besides hair transplantation, we are also making eyebrow, beard and moustache transplantation. Furthermore, we stood out with its contributions to social responsibilities and established a full-fledged hospital that is worth 5 million dollars in Somali, Africa.

Dr Cinik Clinic has a beautiful location in the heart of Istanbul, 10 to 15 minutes distance to Istanbul Ataturk airport, historical and touristic venues. It is easily accessible.

Specialization and preferred practice areas

What Is FUE Hair Transplantation Technique?

For those who want to have a hair transplant, the burning question is which hair transplantation procedure is the best technique. The FUE technique, which refers to “Follicular Unit Extraction” or “Individual Follicle Extraction”, is considered the most advanced hair transplant technique available.

The FUE hair transplant technique is surgical variant of the follicular micro transplant technique and it is implemented by extracting the follicles of the donor site on an individual basis without the need of stitches and without leaving scars.

These follicular units in groups of 1, 2, 3 or 4 hair groups are extracted in its natural groupings and prepared carefully. As a matter of principle, there is no better technique than another since the form of extraction the follicles from the donor zone by keeping its natural form.

Professional philosophy

We pay extra attention to patients thoughs and Ideas. Customer satisfaction and service are one of the most important points. 

Our office/clinic

Very familiar and warm. The reason for our great results is the atmosphere and the collegial work together with all our staff. 

Education and practice


  • Hair Transplant Surgeon
  • He was born in Turkey in 1977. He graduated from Uludağ University in 2002. He started to work in the field of aesthetic and cosmetics in Bursa in 2002. He founded Dr Cinik medical aesthetic centre in 2007 and performing Hair Loss and Hair Transplantation practices in the large corporate hospital licensed by the Ministry of Health, he became a reliable and innovative name in this field.
  • Awarded from the biggest hair loss specialists and newspaper since 2005. 


  • Detailed information about the procedure and preparation. 
  • Drawing the hairline, checks together. 

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Prices from* Prices up to* Payment by instalment possible
Hair Transplant From €2,090 To €2,590 Yes

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  • Please keep in mind the final costs of the treatment can differ from the above listed prices. For more information about the prices please contact the particular doctor / clinic.
  • Prices are recalculated on a daily basis according to the current exchange rate


What is a Hair Transplant?

Having a natural and attractive hairstyle is a key factor of total charm and attraction. Hairstyle is one of the most...

Hair transplantation facts

Hair replacement is a very common treatment these days. Helping people to regain their self-confidence by a simple yet...

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34349 Istanbul

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