Eyelid surgery (Blepharoplasty) Zolder

Blepharoplasty - eyelid lift, list of plastic surgeons in Zolder

We have made a list of 1 doctors and 0 clinics that perform blepharoplasty (eyelid lift) in Zolder. For blepharoplasty (eyelid lift) in Zolder we have 0 reviews, but none of them mentioned the price. You can be the first and help others make their decision.

Dr. Marc Nelissen
Plastic surgery – Zolder
Response: 100%, < 1 day
6 reviews
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Wellness Kliniek Belgium
 15 km  Genk
Response: 99%, < 1 day
59 reviews
Price from
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Dr Christophe Zirak
Plastic surgery –  72 km  Brussels
11 years of practice
Response: 100%, < 1 day
3 reviews
Price from
Dr. Ion Zegrea PhD
Plastic surgery –  83 km  Bucharest
8 years of practice
Response: 100%, < 1 day
7 reviews
Price from
Drs. Pascal Duijsters
Plastic surgery –  38 km  Weert
Dr. Peter Mulkens
Dermatovenerology –  42 km  Nuth
Dr Bruno Slaviero
Morphological and Anti-aging medicine –  46 km  Liège, Brussels
9 years of practice
3 reviews
 46 km  Liège, Uccle
Dr Gael Xhauflaire
Oculoplastic Surgery –  47 km  Liège
15 years of practice
Response: 100%, < 6 days
Price from
Dr José-Albert Budo
Plastic surgery –  47 km  Liège, Brussels
32 years of practice
Response: 100%, < 1 day
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Dr. Anne Missotten
Plastic surgery –  53 km  Bonheiden
Michael Schneiders
Plastic surgery –  57 km  Geilenkirchen, Aachen
PD Dr. med. Ahmet Bozkurt
Plastic surgery –  58 km  Aachen
Dr. med. Jörg Bahm
Plastic surgery –  61 km  Aachen
Anette Görg
Plastic surgery –  61 km  Aachen
Dr. med. Helge Matthias Jens
Plastic surgery –  61 km  Aachen
19 years of practice
Response: 100%, < 1 day
3 reviews

How to recognize a good plastic surgeon

The most frequent complication involves removing too much skin so that the eye can no longer close and the overall look of the eyes is changed. Eyelid operations are also performed by ophthalmologists or other doctors who are not plastic surgeons. We recommend choosing a certified plastic surgeon in Zolder with experience in this area.

A specialist in blepharoplasty in Zolder will not leave scarring

Doctors usually perform blepharoplasty under local anesthesia, where the plastic surgeon marks the skin to be removed. An experienced expert will explain that an eyelid lift does not leave any visible scarring, because the cut is made along the eyelid fold or under the bottom lid. A related procedure involves removing fat pockets and bags under the eyes.

Eyelid lift in Zolder

Choose a plastic surgeon from your area. You will need to go to consultation appointments and post-op checks. Ideally, if you are from Zolder, you should have your eyelid lift in Zolder.The price should not be the main criterion when choosing a plastic surgeon. If you cannot pay for the surgery at once go and choose Blepharoplasty on installments.

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