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Dr. Thomy Kouremada-Zioga Hair Implant Surgeon

Surgery London
Surgery London
The Private Clinic of Harley Street
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Unshaven - long hair FUE hair transplant


Other membership:

  • GMC - General Medical Council
  • HMS - Hellenic Medical Society
  • ISHRS - International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery

Specialization and preferred practice areas

Hair transplant surgeon Unshaved FUE method (UFUE)Micro-FUE method

Professional philosophy

An ethical and professional individual approach to the hair loss issue

Education and practice

MD,MBA in Health Care Management

Did you know?

International experience

More info

Dr Kouremada Zioga is an experienced Hair Transplant Surgeon with over 10 years experience in hair restoration. She has performed over 2500 FUE cases to date which is amongst the highest of any Doctor in Europe. She performs the most advanced form of FUE ,the so called Micro-FUE  and UFUE- is a minimally invasive technique.

Dr Kouremada Zioga is highly regarded and has worldwide experience visiting high profile patients in the Middle East, many countries within Asia and she has worked extensively all over Europe.

She is from the very few doctors worldwide that can perform Unshaven FUE sessions (UFUE).Many VIPs have trusted  Dr Kouremada Zioga to restore their hair.


GMC-General Medical CounciLISHRS-International Society of Hair Restoration SurgeryPanhellenic Assocaition of Health ScientistsAthens Medical AssociationSaoudi Arabia Medical Association-2008,National Alopecia Areata FoundationTyco Healthcare Academy-microsurgeryKuwait Medical Assosiation-2007Hellenic Homeopathic AssociationMedecins du Monde.

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Eyebrow transplantation
Hair Transplant

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