Labiaplasty (Labia Reduction) Vancouver

What's important when choosing plastic surgeon for labiaplasty Vancouver?

Labiaplasty is a surgical reduction of small pubic lips or removal of their asymmetry. Labiaplasty is a simple operation and is performed by most plastic surgeons, but it is ideal to choose a specialist in labiaplasty. The great help for choosing best plastic surgeon are labiaplasty reviews from patients. For a better idea of ​​what result you can expect, visite photos before and after small stiff lips. In case you are not sure and you hesitate, invest in consultation with more specialists. Choose from 22 doctors and 0 clinics who offer Vancouver labiaplasty. We have 0 reviews for labiaplasty Vancouver, unfortunately no patient has yet been specific about the prize. Be the first to help others with decision-making.

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Dr. Peter E. Osberg
Plastic surgery –  5 km  North Vancouver
Dr. R. Denis Morris
Plastic surgery –  6 km  North Vancouver
Dr. Leslie Kerluke
Plastic surgery –  6 km  North Vancouver
Dr. Ross Horton
Plastic surgery –  11 km  Burnaby
Dr. Robert R. Peers
Plastic surgery –  11 km  Burnaby
Dr. Robyn Watts
Plastic surgery –  13 km  Richmond
Dr. Owen Reid
Plastic surgery –  13 km  Richmond
Dr. Stephen C. Brady
Plastic surgery –  13 km  Richmond

Labiaplasty Vancouver

Labioplasty (foto archiv doctor)

For such an intimate aesthetic surgery, it's important for the operator to have enough experience. Experienced plastic surgeon in labiaplasty controls surgical techniques and knows the possibilities and limits of labiaplasty.

For labiaplasty, do not worry about reducing the sensitivity of the clitoris or the delivery way . Up to 80% of women report that labiaplasty has returned their confidnece, sports activities, or improved the quality of sex life.

Labiaplasty specialist Vancouver - resulting in shape and anesthesia

Why is trusting your plastic surgeon important? It will be necessary to check the intimate section during the first consultation. Prior to the procedure, experts are evaluating and plotting the tissue that needs to be adjusted.

Some plastic surgeons will give you a choice of local or total anesthesia. Reduction of small pubic lips in Vancouver is possible with both types of anesthesia. Some experts on lip augmentation do not recommend ambulatory treatement. Do not hesitate to ask your doctor for advice on reducing the labia. The specialist will also give you a choice of the shape you want.

The price should not be the main criterion when choosing a plastic surgeon. If you cannot pay for the surgery at one once go and choose a labioplasty on installements.

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