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Anonymous 2013-08-02
It's worth it

Perfekte Versorgung! Junge, dynamische Ärztin, die einen ernst nimmt! Nettes, freundliches Praxisteam! Rasche Terminvergabe, sowohl Vorstellungstermin als auch OP-Datum. Gute Versorgung vor und während der OP, hygienis...ch absolut top (komme selber aus dem Arbeitsgebiet, daher realistische Einschätzung). Postoperative Betreuung vollkommen in Ordnung, kaum Wartezeit auf die Termine. OP-Ergebnis ist spitze, würde ich jederzeit wieder machen! Auch andere Operationen! Unbedingt zu empfehlen!!! More 

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Info Prices from* Prices up to*
Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tucks) From €3,500 To €5,500
Acne Scars Treatment
Age Spots Treatment From €100 To €500
Arm Lift Surgery From €3,500
Augmentation (enlargement) of G-spot From €2,000
Body lifting
BOTOX® / DYSPORT® Cosmetic - Botulinum toxin - Wrinkle Removal From €250
Breast Augmentation - Breast Implants From €4,500
Breast Implant Removal From €3,500
Breast lift (Mastopexy) From €4,500
   Breast lift with implants From €5,500 To €7,000
Breast Reconstruction From €4,500
Breast reduction From €4,500
Brow lift From €1,450
Chin Surgery
Dermal fillers From €250
   Fat (lipofiling)
   Hyaluronic acid-based wrinkle fillers From €300
   Radiesse (Calcium hydroxylapatit) From €400
Ear surgery (Otoplasty) From €3,500
Eyelid surgery (Blepharoplasty) From €1,200
   Eye Bags Treatment From €2,500 To €3,500
Forehead lift (Brow lift)
Gynecomastia (Male Breast Reduction) From €2,500 To €5,500
Injection lipolysis From €150 To €600
Inverted nipples
Labiaplasty (Labia Reduction) From €1,250 To €2,500
Laser procedures in aesthetic dermatology
   Tattoo removal From €50
Lip augmentation - cheiloplasty From €350
   Lip augmentation (fat injection, lipofilling) From €600
   Lip Lift
Liposuction Basic liposuction From €2,000 To €4,000
   Tumescent liposuction From €2,000 To €4,000
Liquid facelift From €400
Microneedling (Dermaroller) From €650
Mini Lift - Lifestyle Lift
Mole removal From €2,000
Mommy makeover
Mons veneris liposuction From €2,000
Neck lift
Non Surgical Lift
   Non Surgical Lift (Exilis) From €1,000
   Ultherapy From €595 To €4,500
PRP – Plasma therapy
Rhinoplasty (Nose Job)
Scar removal From €350
Thigh Lift Surgery From €4,500
Treatment for hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) From €1,500 To €3,000
   Botox treatment of hyperhidrosis From €600
Treatment of cellulite
   Cellfina - cellulite treatment
Vaginal repair (Vaginoplasty)

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  • Prices are recalculated on a daily basis according to the current exchange rate

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