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Dr. Özlem Bicer MD

Chirurgia Estetica Istanbul  |  Medicina Estetica ed Anti-Aging Istanbul
Chirurgia Estetica Istanbul  |  Medicina Estetica ed Anti-Aging Istanbul

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Our profile - Dr. Özlem Bicer MD - Chirurgia Estetica Istanbul  |  Medicina Estetica ed Anti-Aging Istanbul


Other membership:

  • AAAMS - American Association of Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery
  • ISHRS - International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery


I was born in 4th of July 1973 in Istanbul. After high grade graduation from Anakent high school, I was accepted to Trakya University Medical Faculty in 1992. In these years, I believed that my profession should give people what they need, deserve, and what they desire: “Health.” My university years were full of experiences and I continued to walk on my path to success with a perfect husband and a nice son. Over time, I decided that I should give people not only health but also their dreams. After gaining numerous experiences in aesthetics. I went to train myself to Paris, the capital of beauty. And now I was ready to open my first clinic in Turkey. But I didn’t confine myself with people's dreams. I tried to train as many people as possible. For this reason, I have presented a medical program on national television for over three years, with thousands of doctors and specialists in different fields of medicine. Thus, with me, people understood that the doors of medicine and aesthetics were open to their needs and desires untill the end. Today in my clinic, I continue to reach people from all over the world with a team of experts and professional translators dedicated to their satisfaction.

Specialization and preferred practice areas

I am one of the first and the best hair transplantation operation doctor in Turkey, İstanbul.  I have been doing transplantation procedure since 2002.  I have thousands of patients all over the world.  I am specialized at:

-Hair Transplantation: FUE (micromotor/manuel), FUT, DHI, 

-BHT (Body Hair Transplantation)

-Eyebrow Transplantation

-Bread Transplantation

-Moustahce Transplantation

-Hair treatments (PRP, mezoteraphy)

Our office/clinic

I do all treatments  with meticilusly  and love in my clinic ic 

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Hair Transplant
Laser hair removal
Laser procedures in aesthetic dermatology

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Chirurgia Estetica Istanbul  |  Medicina Estetica ed Anti-Aging Istanbul
Barbaros Mah. Deluxia Suit 17th Floor No:209
Deluxia Suites 17th Floor N:209
34746 Istanbul