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Plastic surgery as a form of Art


Czech Medical Chamber

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MD Patrik Paulis
Specialist for Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery.
Court-appointed expert in plastic surgery.

Professional Education:

* Faculty of Medicine Plzen, Charles University Prague, Czech Republic, Diploma in General Medicine

* State exam in General Surgery,
Diploma A. F. S. A. (Attestation de Formation Spécialisée Approfondie) in Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery, University Denis Diderot Paris, France
Exam paper in "history of surgical transformation of male transsexuals"

* University Denis Diderot Paris, France
University Diploma in "Experimental surgery and microsurgery".

* Slovak Medical University Bratislava, Slovak Republic - Specialist Diploma in Plastic Surgery

* Czech Medical Chamber Licence for private medical practise, medical practise tutoring, professional representation ans provision of consultation in plastic surgery.

Practical Training:
* University Hospital St.Louis Paris, France
Clinic for plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery

* Faculty Clinic for Children Armand- Trousseau Paris, France. Clinic for Maxillo-Facial and Plastic surgery

* Faculty Clinic Královské Vinohrady Prague, Czech Republic. Voluntary practical training in platsic surgery. Sudent paper in "Secondary infections after plastic breast surgery"

* University Hospital St.Louis Paris, France
Clinic for plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery

* Faculty Clinic Ružinov Bratislava, Slovak Republic. Clinic for plastic surgery

International Specialist Courses:

* "Surgical Treatment of Breast Deformities" by Prof. Ivo Pitanguy, Universita Catholica Sao Paolo, Brazil

* IPRAS Congress Sydney, Australia

* New Methods of Cleft and Cleft-Palate Treatments" by Prof. Pellerin and Prof. Martinot, Clinic for pediatrical and plastic surgery and burns, University Hospital Roger Salengo, Lille, France

* Advances in Breast Plastic Surgery" by Dr. Dely (including Diploma), Clinic for plastic surgery, Centre Léon-Bérrd, Lyon, France

* International Silhouette-Lift Course "Skin Rejuvenation", July 2010, Barcelona/Spain

* International Silhouette-Lift Course "The Global Non Invasive Face Lift Pack, April 2011, Barcelona/Spain
The authorisation criterias for plastic surgery in the Czech Republic are very strict. In contrast to Germany, where every surgeon can practise as cosmetic or plastic surgeon, the authorisation in the Czech Republic is only granted after an additional special training of 8 years (7 years since jouning of the EU).

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Info Prices from* Prices up to*
Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tucks) From €1,800 To €2,500
Arm Lift Surgery From €1,600 To €2,500
Augmentation (enlargement) of G-spot From €500 To €1,200
Body lifting From €500
Botulinum toxin - Wrinkle Removal From €100 To €400
Brazilian Butt Lift From €2,500 To €4,000
Breast Augmentation - Breast Implants From €2,300 To €2,700
   Fat transfer breast augmentation
Breast Implant Removal From €1,000
Breast lift (Mastopexy) From €1,600 To €2,200
   Breast lift with implants From €2,300 To €3,000
Breast Reconstruction From €2,500 To €4,000
Breast reduction From €2,300 To €2,700
Brow lift From €1,000
Buttock and calf plastic surgery From €1,200 To €2,200
Cheek Lift
Chin Surgery From €500 To €1,000
Dermal fillers From €200 To €450
   Fat (lipofiling) From €1,000 To €4,000
   Hyaluronic acid-based wrinkle fillers From €200 To €450
   Sculptra From €500 To €500
Ear surgery (Otoplasty) From €800
Enlargement and shaping of buttocks and hips From €3,000 To €45,000
Entfernung eines Doppelkinns
   Chin Liposuction From €500 To €800
Eyelid surgery (Blepharoplasty) From €650
   Eye Bags Treatment From €750
Facelift From €2,000 To €5,000
Forehead lift (Brow lift) Endotine - Implants (an... From €800 To €1,200
Fractional Laser Resurfacing From €300
Gender Reassignment Surgery From €2,000 To €4,000
Gynecomastia (Male Breast Reduction) From €1,600
Hymenoplasty - hymen reconstruction surgery From €800
Inverted nipples From €300
Labiaplasty (Labia Reduction) From €750
Laser procedures in aesthetic dermatology
   Fotorejuvenation From €300
Lip augmentation - cheiloplasty From €300
   Lip augmentation (fat injection, lipofilling) From €500 To €800
   Lip Lift From €600
Liposuction Basic liposuction From €500 To €2,200
   Laser Liposuction From €850 To €2,200
   Laser Liposuction - SmartLipo From €500 To €2,200
   Tumescent liposuction From €500 To €2,200
   Water-jet assisted liposuction (WAL) From €500
Male Circumcision From €500
Mini Lift - Lifestyle Lift From €2,000 To €5,000
Mole removal From €30 To €100
Mommy makeover
Neck lift From €650 To €1,600
Penis enlargement From €800 To €3,000
Penis enlargement surgery - phalloplasty, penoplasty From €800 To €2,000
Rhinoplasty (Nose Job) From €800
Scar removal From €100 To €300
Septoplasty From €800 To €1,200
The facial implants surgery From €800 To €1,200
Thigh Lift Surgery From €1,600 To €2,500
Thread lift
   Face lift – Gold Threads From €2,000 To €4,000
Treatment for hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) From €300 To €500
   Botulinum toxin treatment of hyperhidrosis From €300 To €500
Treatment of cellulite

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