Dr. med. Tilman Stasch

Plastic surgery  |  Facharzt für Plastische, Ästhetische und Rekonstruktive Chirurgie

Dr. med. Tilman Stasch

Plastic surgery  |  Facharzt für Plastische, Ästhetische und Rekonstruktive Chirurgie
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I had a breast augmentation with Dr. Stasch and I can't believe I was able to go to work after one week!

 |  Breast Augmentation - Breast Implants
Registered user  |  2018-03-28
  It's worth it , Total price: $6,900

Dr. Stasch knows his work very well. I can't believe I was able to go to work after one week! The pain is manageable and the scar is healing really well 7 weeks down the line. The doctor has excellent cusomer service and he is sure of the results. I don't regret even one bit choosing him

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Blepharoplasty and lipo with Dr. Stasch - he is very genuine, I highly recommend him

 |  Eyelid surgery (Blepharoplasty)
The boxer  |  2018-03-21
  It's worth it , Total price: $7,000

I was very nervous about the thought of having plastic surgery but after reading about Dr Tilman through recommendations I was confident enough to have a consultation. After five minutes of meeting Dr Tilman he put me at ease. He was very genuine in his approach and he didn’t oversell was important ... More 

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Review on breast reduction - I am glad i had the procedure with Dr. Stasch!

 |  Breast reduction
Happy C-Cup  |  2018-03-15
  It's worth it , Total price: $7,000

After many years of chronic back pain and stiff neck I decided to finally take the plunge and reduce by 36G bust to something more sane. I planned to go overseas to get it done until I heard of Dr Tilman Stauch and went for a consultation. I found him very organised and professional. I never felt ru... More 

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Breat augmentation with Dr. Stasch - an amazing surgeon, I am so happy I chose him!

 |  Breast Augmentation - Breast Implants
LillyG  |  2018-03-05
  It's worth it , Total price: $7,250

Dr. Stasch was an amazing surgeon! He surpassed my expectations and I am so happy I chose him for my breast augmentation surgery, my results are amazing! Dr. Stasch is a confident surgeon who knows what he is doing and is very good at it! He answered all my questions before surgery and was easy to t... More 

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Registered user

Tummy tuck, liposuction and breast reduction with Dr. med. Tilman Stasch - my body confidence is back!

Registered user
Registered user  |  2018-03-05
  It's worth it

I’m 4weeks post op..And I’m feeling amazing and healing very well. Dr Tilman did an absolutely amazing job on me. My body confidence is back!  

Beautiful outcome!

Rahab  |  2017-12-19
  It's worth it

To be honest, after 3 surgeries on my tummy to repair an extensive hernia caused by my 2 pregnancies . My expectations were pretty low since I didn’t want to get my hopes too high and I wanted to be realistic as to the end results.  But, I will be forever grateful to you Dr. Statch for fixing my tum...my and making it look perfectly normal. Not to mention my breasts look bikini great! Personally, I think Dr Stasch is a tremendous surgeon and a miracle worker. … I must also comment on the kindness of your staff. You have a splendid team of delightful, caring, efficient and professional women whom I have so appreciated through this experience. Please extend my compliments and gratitude to them as well. Thankfully Rahab Ochieng More 

Great surgeon, very happy with results

 |  Breast Augmentation - Breast Implants
Susanne2017  |  2017-12-04
  It's worth it , Total price: €5,000

It's only been about a week since my surgery and I'm extremely happy with the results - I only wish I had already done this 10 years ago. Dr. Stasch is very knowledgable and explained the procedure and risks well and was ready to address every question and concern, pre- and post-surgery. His manner... More 

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More confident thanks to Dr. Tilman

 |  Liposuction
newme  |  2017-11-27
  It's worth it

My life has just begun thanks to Dr. Tilman. l am now more confident and life feels good.  l  will never be able to thank him enough for how his treatment. Dr. Tilman is a very good listener to start with and also compassionate.Extremely professional and knows his work. He explaining in detail my pr... More 

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A very happy woman

 |  Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tucks)
Jay O.  |  2017-11-21
  It's worth it , Total price: $9,000

Before this procedure, i was not confident, i couldn't stand naked in front of my husband, i tried all kinds of diets worked out 6times a week for almost 6 years, nothing worked... i decided to do tummy tuck /lipo with Dr. Tilman , i am 2 weeks post surgery and i cant tell u the transformation that ... More 

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Our profile

Our profile


“The finest clothing made is a person’s own skin, but, of course, society demands something more than this.” — Mark Twain


Other membership:

  • BAPRAS - British Association of Plastic and Reconstructive Aesthetic Surgeons
  • EBOPRAS - European Board of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons
  • GMC - General Medical Council


Dr. Stasch is  a qualified Plastic, Reconstructive, Hand and Aesthetic Surgeon with over 14 years of international experience. He completed his medical degree at the University of Cape Town Medical School (MBChB) and achieved the highest honors for his MD thesis (summa cum laude). He qualified as a surgeon at the prestigious Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh (MRCS Ed.) and specialized further as a Plastic Surgeon in England and Germany. He also holds a specialist certificate in medical laser treatments and hand surgery.

He is a Fellow of the European Board of Plastic Reconstructive Surgeons (EBOPRAS) and is usually invited to present his research findings at National and International conferences. He currently works as a Consultant Plastic Surgeon in Kenya with a special interest in skin cancers, facial rejuvenation, aesthetic body contouring and breast surgery.

He developed a passion for Africa when his family moved to Namibia in 1993 where he completed his high school  in Windhoek and attended the University of Cape Town (UCT) in South Africa for his medical studies. He started visiting Kenya as part of Valentis Clinic in 2010, to advise on and treat matters concerning Plastic, Aesthetic surgery and Skin Cancer Screening (Mole Mapping).

Specialization and preferred practice areas

Plastic, Reconstructive, Aesthetic and Hand Surgery.

He also does a thorough examination of the skin using digital handheld dermatoscopy ( Mole Mapping)  and excise lesions as required, from SK, BCC, SCC and Melanoma


Our office/clinic

Our clients receive the latest and most in demand medical cosmetic treatments in an environment that combines discretion and professionalism with a warm, serene environment. Personal consultations gently guide all your decisions for cosmetic and surgical treatments to ensure the best and safest result while striving to answer all questions that you might have.


Upon arrival at the clinic you will be attended to by a receptionist/ clinic coordinator who will ask you to fill out a new patient information form. She will refer you to the doctor who will carry out a  consultation of approximately 45 minutes , depending on the complexity of  the issue.

Your medical history will be required, when filling in this information honesty is key , as the information you provide will help to prevent complications during your care. Medication history is also vital, be sure to include any vitamin or herbal preparations that you may be taking, as these can affect your blood pressure and clotting ability. We also request candor on the use of tobacco and alcohol as this may have a profound impact on your recovery period and incision healing.

Several factors regarding surgery will be discussed during the initial consultation, including the hospital where the procedure will be done,  details of the procedure, pre-operative, post- operative, anesthesia, recovery, and costs. A clear understanding of these factors will help you to make a more informed decision.

Dr. Stasch will also inquire about your concerns, priorities, and motivations for pursuing surgery, as well as your fears.He will also try to ensure that you have reasonable expectations for the outcome, and, therefore, should explain what is possible and what is not possible.


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Info Prices from* Prices up to*
Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tucks) From $4,000 To $5,800
Arm Lift Surgery From $2,200 To $3,100
Body lifting From $10,000 To $12,000
BOTOX® / DYSPORT® Cosmetic - Botulinum toxin - Wrinkle Removal depends on the area and...
Brazilian Butt Lift From $5,000 To $8,000
Breast Augmentation - Breast Implants From $6,200 To $6,500
Breast Implant Removal From $4,900 To $5,200
Breast lift (Mastopexy) From $4,500 To $4,800
   Breast lift with implants From $5,370 To $5,750
Breast Reconstruction Depends on the extent of...
Breast reduction From $3,500 To $4,000
Brow lift From $1,500 To $1,600
Buttock and calf plastic surgery
Ear surgery (Otoplasty) From $2,200 To $2,400
Enlargement and shaping of buttocks and hips From $4,000 To $8,000
Eyelid surgery (Blepharoplasty) From $1,750 To $1,850
   Eye Bags Treatment From $2,200 To $2,400
Facelift, SMAS lifting From $7,500 To $7,800
Gynaecomastia (Male Breast-reduction surgery) From $3,500 To $4,000
Hand surgery Depends on the procedure...
Injectable fillers depends on the area and...
   Fat (lipofiling) From $4,000 To $4,850
   Hyaluronic acid-based wrinkle fillers
Inverted nipples From $950 To $980
Laser procedures in aesthetic dermatology
   Laser acne treatment
   Laser Scar Treatment
   Laser skin tag removal
   Spider veins laser removal (redness, birh marks)
   Tattoo removal
Lip augmentation - cheiloplasty
   Lip augmentation (fat injection, lipofilling) From $350 To $400
   Lip Lift
   Basic liposuction From $2,200 To $2,400
   Laser Liposuction - SmartLipo
   SlimLipo Laser Liposuction
   Tumescent liposuction
   Ultrasonic liposuction
   Water-jet assisted liposuction (WAL)
Liposuction alternative – non-invasive fat and cellulite removal
Mesotherapy (face, neck revitalization)
Mommy makeover From $9,000 To $9,500
Neck lift From $2,200 To $2,400
Rhinoplasty (Nose Job - Nose Surgery) From $5,200 To $5,400
Thigh Lift Surgery From $6,000 To $6,400
Treatment of cellulite


  • Please keep in mind the final costs of the treatment can differ from the above listed prices. For more information about the prices please contact the particular doctor / clinic.
  • Prices are recalculated on a daily basis according to the current exchange rate

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