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Gregory Turowski MD, PhD, FACS is one of few double board-certified plastic surgeons specializing in minimally invasive FUE hair restoration. Dr. Turowski combines a European background with the knowledge and technical expertise he acquired through years of surgical training at the most prestigious American Ivy League institutions: Yale and Harvard.
Dr. Turowski is board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and is a fellow of the International Society for Hair Restoration Society (ISHRS).

Specialization and preferred practice areas

Why choose us:
•    Most comprehensive and experienced FUE hair restoration center in Europe and in the US
•    Offers cutting edge ARTAS ® robotic hair restoration
•    We can design a minimally invasive procedure that is best for you utilizing the best technology on the market
•    We can reconstruct and cover strip donor-site scars
•    We can cover not only balding spots but also traumatic, chemotherapy defects
•    International patients who visit us from abroad are well taken care of through the process. From pre-treatment planning and preparation to arrival at the facility, treatment and departure, step-by-step information is provided and customer service remains available to patients at all times to ensure that the stay in Poland is unforgettable and as stress-free as possible.

Professional philosophy

You're benefiting from:
•    Certain solution – The Artas Robot
•    Professionalism
•    Discretion
•    100% guarantee of the transplanted hair

Our clinic

Although FUE procedures are minimally invasive and cause little pain and recovery time compared to conventional STRIP hair transplants, FUE procedures can still last eight hours or more. Such a long procedure time may cause fatigue in even veteran surgeons and you don't want a tired doctor plowing for follicles on the back of your head. Luckily, the new ARTAS FDA approved system can aid the doctor with this heavy hair-pulling.
The revolutionary ARTAS robotic system utilizes a computer-assisted image guidance system to increase the number and quality of usable hair follicles gathered from donor sites. This new system is more precise and less invasive than what even sure-handed surgeons can accomplish. The ARTAS robotic system has computer based robotic control, video imaging and uses a blunt dissection technique. This amazing advanced technology allows for very precise extraction of follicular units from the donor area with minimal transection. What does this mean? The precision of the ARTAS robot allows the grafts to be harvested with fewer traumas and thus, results in better growth.
The ARTAS robotic device is an image-guided system composed of a robotic arm, needle punch mechanism, disposable proprietary dermal punches, video imaging system, disposable cartridges, and a user interface. Its extraction technique consists of a double punch arrangement with an inner punch and outer punch. The inner punch has cutting capabilities to score the upper most part of the skin and the outer punch has a blunt edge used for dissection of the follicular units from the surrounding tissue that minimizes injury to the grafts

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