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Klinika jednodenní chirurgie, Žilní a chirurgická praxe

Klinika jednodenní chirurgie, Žilní a chirurgická praxe


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We are not rich enough to afford things to be cheap.

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Clinic profile

The clinic began in 1994 as the first in the Czech Republic to provide ambulant service of varicose veins and is becoming more profound in its specialisation as time goes by.

Since the founding of the clinic in 1994 we concentrate on the prevention and treatment of illnesses of the vascular system. The main field of occupation is that of treating varicose veins of all degree.

Modern medicine is widening its pace and in the case of varicose vein treatment it can be said that “Everything is possible, only one has to want things to happen”.

The system of the clinic of single day surgery is based on the concentration of complete health care to one area and “one day”. The treatment is ambulatory with shortest possible stay without hospitalization.

The clinic is equipped with modern medical technology and devices of highest quality. These medical devices are important for the providing of health care on the highest possible level so as to fulfil the requests and possibilities of treatment thus enabling to compete with similar devices in the world.

Since the beginning of our existence we have relied on the best equipment, medicine and materials, going along with the saying that “we are not rich enough to afford things to be cheap.” We have managed to stay with this attitude and must confirm that in the case of healthcare it counts more and comes back in a return mainly to our patients. Although it is obvious that this attitude is rather difficult, concerning time and finances (especially when concerning all primary investments) however from the overall perspective the outcomes are exceedingly cheaper and in effect less time consuming which has significant benefits for our patients.

Offered services

Internal checkups

Complex internal checkups of both preoperational and therapeutic form are provided in their full span within the sphere of our clinic of single day surgery.
Preoperational checkups are made with emphasis given to the prevention of trombembolic cases. Apart from biochemical screening which is according to routine basis, the checkups consist of blood sampling from various areas of the blood clots.Samples, clinical checkups and ECG are provided directly at our clinic and within a single day. If any deficiencies from the normal state of health are found the patient is immediately treated in such a way so as to prepare him in the shortest possible term for absolving the planned surgical operation.Preoperational checkups are also provided for patients who are preparing for whatever operation outside our clinic. Other necessary checkups at appropriate specialised clinics are provided depending on clinical needs.Preventive medical care is also provided to patients with internal – not only veinal – problems with the use of all above mentioned possibilities and equipment of the clinic of single day surgery.

Varicose veins

The condition for best treatment possible is the specification of correct diagnosis. The general state of health is diagnosed during the initial consultation. The vascular system of the lower limbs is thoroughly examined ( i.e. the arteries, deep and superficial veins) clinically at first and subsequently by duplex ultrasound. On the basis of these examinations the appropriate treatment is recommended. This is built on the basis of the combination of a variety of forms of conservative and radical treatment.

Celulitis treatment

Preceding the treatment itself is a checkup on the basis of which a healing program is prepared. This program is adapted to each individual.The principle of treatment is the disturbing of the cellulitic tissue, the fragmentation and division of fatty units followed by lymphodrenage and the stimulation of regenerational processes.

Miniscule cosmetic operations

The removal of unattractive cutaneous excrescence, pigment naevuses, birth marks, hyper-pigmentation (cutaneous marks). A clinical checkup will always diagnose the correct form of treatment. It all depends on character, visage, level of pigmentation and the pathology of the cutanous form.

The equipment of the clinic

Colour duplex ultrasonography belongs to the most important and beneficial methods in varicose vein diagnosis and operation. Unlike other diagnosis methods, it has the following indisputable advantages:

  • It is non invasive, non burdenning

  • It is simple and can be repeated at any time

  • Provides simultaneously anatomic and functional deviations, a task no other method is able to fulfil

Operations are conducted in a strictly sterile and fully climatized operating theatre that is equipped with the most modern of monitoring and operating technlogies.

A complete monitorisation of the patient also carries on for a short period after the operation. The bed facilities of hospital type offer the possibility of sleeping over for patients who are not from Prague and the additional escort to the patients home due to checkup reasons and bandaging which is made the following day.

Materials of the highest quality, medicine and disposable medical tools are used. We have our own ambulance at our disposal.

For the treatment of celulitis we use the newest technology – the latest model of the Cellu M6 generation – the first in the Czech Republic.

Our photographs

Surgeons & Offices

MUDr. František Valek
Anesthesiology and Resuscitation
MUDr. Ota Schütz
MUDr. Iva Holubářová

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Varicose veins treatment
   Radiofrequency ablation - treatment for varicose veins

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Mezibranská 17/1592
110 00 Prague
Praha 1
Czech Republic