TOP 5 award for your patient reviews

Author: Pavel Hilbert, CEO Estheticon

Estheticon informs visitors of the portal that doctors are enjoying the trust of patients that do not hesitate to share their experiences or express words of thanks. Doctors who receive the highest quality ratings from their patients receive TOP 5 for the treatment and region.

This award is given every three months for the 5 doctors performing the procedure in the selected region. Patients can then easily find the TOP 5 experts according to the visible mark on the doctor's lists.

A preview of how the TOP 5 reward looks on the doctors' list for a given procedure and city.

What criteria are taken into account for the award of TOP 5?

The basic condition for getting TOP 5 is at least 5 ratings for the given procedure. The TOP 5 award not only decides the number of reviews you have received but also their quality. The length and content of each evaluation will be taken into account, the more information about the experience of the procedure and the convalescence, the better.

Great benefits are photos before and after to describe the experience. Also the number of stars expressing patient satisfaction and last but not least the benefit of the evaluation for other users is also important.

Setting the widget.

Widget TOP 5

The doctor who receives the TOP 5 award in the given quarter will be informed by e-mail. He also receives the TOP 5 widget, including a link to the administration, where he can download it and then published it onto his own website to inform his or her current and future patients about this award. 

The appearance of the TOP 5 widget.


  1. Do not forget that you can ask patients for a review through our email template.
  2. Or send them an email with a thank you note that they have chosen you. Attach a link to your Estheticon profile, where you can directly insert ratings.

Updated: 2020-01-22

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