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RE: Correcting sagging breasts with breast lift surgery

Well breast lift surgery does leave some scars, depends what type of lift u need. A lift will bring them back up, but u won't get any fullness back, and over time they can sag again. I had the most invasive type, lollipop lift with an inverted T, a reduction on the right and small implants to restore fullness. I flew out of the country, took a total of 12 days off. I was working 12 hour shifts at the time. Depends how physical your job is. I'm 2 months post op, still healing but totally active no more pain. I paid 4000 for my surgery.

RE: How much does a breast augmentation surgery cost?

I had my surgery done out of the country due to the cost. I needed alot more than just augmentation. I had to have a breast lift, a reduction on the right breast-due to a asymmetry problem, my right breast was a whole cup size bigger than my left. After further research I discovered that this is one of the most difficult breast surgeries to perform. I paid 4000.00 in US currency. In the states where I live, I got quoted a price around 15,0000. I love my plastic surgeon, he made me feel safe and confident in his skills. I am 30 days post op and am thrilled with my results. I went to Tijuana Mexico, and prior to my surgery they did lab work, I already had a physical exam, which my regular doctor cleared me for the surgery. I did have to pay for my surgical bra and medications after the surgery, which was an additional 136.00, but I was told about all of this upfront. Had I of been in the states, my surgery would of cost alot more. Especially since my surgeon thought he could do the surgery in about 2 hours when it actually took 4-5 hours. But I am so happy with my result. Do alot of research, check out your doctors credentials, read all the reviews. I am a nurse in the states and all my friends were like are you afraid?? Make sure you going to be in an accredited surgery center. I love my Plastic Surgeon. When I can save up the money I would also like to have him do a tummy tuck!!!

RE: Appointment scheduled April 21/14

Was picked up at the airport by there driver, taken directly to office for pre op and visit with the doctor. My husband and were both very impressed with his warm caring nature. He also speaks perfect English!! Nurses did a great job prepping me! I would know I'm a medical assistant at a walk in clinic that's part of a hospital. Facility was ok, but recovery and surgery were top notch. I was given an iv, a spinal, then a shot into my iv and it was all over. Turned out I needed a reduction, lift and augmentation on the right and a lollipop or a inverted T with a keyhole lift and augmentation on the left. They told my husband should take a couple hours ended up being 4-5. My husband was waiting for me when I woke up. Stayed over night in facility, with a personal nurse who cared for me. Went to hotel next day, stayed for two days. On Thursday their driver picked us up, took us to the office for a f/u. He pulled drains, and had the nurse change the tape and we were off to the airport. I then had 6 days of lying around. I did end up seeing my regular doctor for some stronger pain meds. I work 12 hour shifts, and my right side took a beating. Then back to work. I am now 17 days post op. Changing tape weekly, living in a surgical bra. It's amazing what a weeks time can do. Still have some swelling, especially on the right, that nipple was very distorted, looks a ton better. Been taking arnica and bromelain as directed, this whole time. If I follow my p/o instructions I'm going to have an excellent result. That man is an artist. I was a whole cup
Different in size, for the first time in my life I am symmetrical!!
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Appointment scheduled April 21/14

 |  Breast Augmentation - Breast Implants
melodywest  |  2014-03-20
  It's worth it , Total price: $4,000

I called and sent pictures to a couple different places, dr guttierz contacted me immediately. The other office was slower responding. I spent a half an hour on the phone with the surgeon. We discussed my goals. Then I spoke with a pt appt coordinator, who gave me price quotes. I am scheduled for...

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