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In addition to the standard format of educational videos, where doctors answer frequently asked questions from patients, we also add several other, more innovative formats.

Video presentation

A video presentation introduces a medical practice with a few minutes of video accompanied by background music. It can include narration and voiceover commentary by a moderator or a doctor from the practice.

A personal video presentation shows doctors at work, in their free time, and at home. It may include input from loved ones, patients, coworkers, and clips from the workplace. The doctor’s professional and personal philosophy is integral to the video’s message.

We can also make a video presentation for a clinic, showing potential patients what the clinic looks like and building trust by showing the clinic’s equipment and interiors. The video introduces viewers to the doctors and staff at the clinic. It highlights the services offered. It can also describe the city and environment where the clinic is located, including attractions in the area.

Video length: 3-4 minutes

Filming time and location: Filming takes place over 1-2 days at the clinic or any other indoor or outdoor location of the doctor’s choosing.

We offer video presentations in a package including 6 FAQ videos where the doctor answers the questions patients ask most often. Each FAQ video is about 1.5 – 2 minutes long and is filmed on the same day at the clinic.

Package price: 3,300 euro

Includes: filming, production, post-production: editing, color correction, music and audio, promotion on the estheticon website and selected language versions.

Showreel - image video

This is usually a short montage: highly dynamic, engaging and emotive, accompanied by appropriate universal music. Shots of the clinic’s normal operations combine with commentary summarizing the doctors’ experience, the services they offer and the location of the clinic.

Video length: up to 1 minute
Filming time and location: Filming takes place over 1 day at the clinic.

Documentary video with patients

  • consultation
  • examination
  • review

This video takes the form of a mini-documentary featuring one or more patients. The doctor is responsible for securing the patients’ consent to participate in filming. The video focuses primarily on communication between doctor and patient.

Consultation – an interview between patient and doctor in the doctor’s office. The patient describes their esthetic problems and ideas, the doctor reviews the patient’s state of health and suggests treatment options.

Treatment – the video shows the doctor during an outpatient procedure. The doctor describes the procedure, presents the instruments and equipment needed, and communicates with the patient and support staff.

Reviews – satisfied patients describe how the doctor helped them with their problems and why meeting with the doctor was a good choice for them. The video shows their emotions, the results of the procedure, and includes shots from inside the clinic.

Video length: 2-3 minutes

Filming time and location: Filming takes place over 1 day at the clinic.

Video about a procedure:

A mini-documentary presenting the doctor as well as the procedure itself. It includes pre-op preparation for the patient, shots from the operating theater, details of the individual steps involved, and expert commentary. It can also conclude with a presentation of the results of the procedure. The video may also include the patient’s impressions. The doctor is responsible for securing the patient’s consent to participate in filming. Pictures of the post-op results after recovery can be added to the video after the fact.

Video length: 5-6 minutes

Filming time and location: Filming takes place over 1-2 days at the clinic and in the operating theater. For procedures where results are not visible for some time, we can spread the 2 filming days out over a longer time frame. The clinic provides the camera operator with clothing suitable for the operating theater and the procedure.

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A day with our camera operator

Get multiple shots and cuts all at once.

Video length: by agreement

Filming time and location: One day of filming at the clinic or any other outdoor or indoor place the doctor chooses.

Updated: 2017-07-03

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