Are you planning a tummy tuck surgery? Patients often fear the removal of the drains after the surgery. What is the importance of drains after the tummy tuck operation? Doctor Stéphane Stahl is a certified Plastic Surgeon and Hand Surgeon with a lot of experience with the tummy tuck surgery. Arrange a consultation with Dr. Stahl from the clinic Centerplast in Saarbrücken and learn how you can get the body of your dreams!

Dr. Adelana Santos Stahl & Priv.-Doz. Dr. Stéphane Stahl

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Hi I am my name is Shelly and I would like to consult you about a tummy tuck just getting the excess skin removed right now I have a lot of it that hangs over and I'd like to get it removed so then I'm more motivated to lose more weight instead of really just can't stand the skin hanging down I'm 51 years old I'm 250 lb and I'm 5'6 I am here until the 1st I can even make it longer I have almost all my tests done except they wanted to get more tests the EKG guy and I can extend my visit cuz I have insurance on my my flight I'd like to know if you I'm going to see me and where you're located

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