Rhinoplasty (Nose Job - Nose Surgery) Video

Rhinoplasty consultation
Dr. Luiz Toledo 2016-08-29

Rhinoplasty is one of the most demanding plastic operations. Multiple consultations are recommended. What should a proper...

Open and closed rhinoplasty
Dott.ssa Chiara Botti 2017-05-16

To know more about the differences between open and close rhinoplasty and in which cases you may apply it. Don´t hesitate to...

Succesful rhinoplasty and a nice nose
Dr. Lucian Popa MD PhD 2018-06-15

Are you thinking about a rhinoplasty? What should you consider before the nose surgery itself? How can you make sure that your...

The best method of rhinoplasty
Dr. Suleyman Tas MD, FEBOPRAS 2018-06-13

Doctor Suleyman Tas is a well-known specialist in the field of Plastic Surgery. He has also a lot of experience with different...

Advantages of the Diamond Rhinoplasty
Dr. Abdulkadir Goksel 2017-06-23

Patients who are interested into the rhinoplasty always ask questions like: Doctor, do you break the bones? In case of the...

How to perform Rhinoplasty?
Dr Xavier Tenorio 2016-10-27

There are two different kind of rhinoplasty procedures - non surgical augmentation rhinoplasty with fillers, and reduction...

6 days post-op, Rhinoplasty
Prof. Pietro Palma MD, FACS 2018-08-10

Olivia underwent a rhinoplasty treatment with professor Palma to correct rotated tip towards the up. This patient video will...

Rhinoplasty expert nose corrections
Poliklinika za estetsku kirurgiju Dr. Tončić 2016-03-04

Rhinoplasty abroad by top surgeons who have performed over 3000 cosmetic nose corrections. Cosmetic nose surgery is one of the...

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