1) A Voucher is a coupon for a discount on the services of the Provider (the doctor/clinic/supplier involved in the project) proving that the Recipient (patient) is entitled to a discount under certain conditions.

2) The service provider is a different entity than the Operator (Estheticon), which only acts as intermediary for the service. Vouchers are subject to these Terms of Use as well as the Provider’s special terms of use.

3) The Provider can sign up for the Voucher project by activating the Voucher service on their profile and can deactivate the service at any time.

4) By activating the service, the Provider undertakes to give the Recipient the opportunity to receive a Voucher worth USD 10 for each photograph attached to a review for a procedure the Recipient had with the Provider.

5) The Provider gives the Operator its consent to inform visitors of the opportunity to receive Vouchers on the Provider’s profile.

6) Photographs used to acquire a Voucher must depict the results of a procedure performed, or the patient’s status prior to the procedure. No more than 10 photographs may be attached to one review, for a total Voucher value of USD 100.

7) Patients can also become entitled to a Voucher by uploading a photograph to an existing review. If the review includes photographs uploaded previously, the Voucher will increase in value by USD10 for each relevant photograph posted on that review up to a maximum of USD 100.

8) If the Provider determines that the photographs do not relate to the procedure, the Provider can request that the Operator ask the Recipient to upload relevant photographs.

9) The Voucher is generated after posting a new review with at least one photograph, or after adding a new photograph to an existing review.

10) The Voucher is created for the Recipient in electronic form on the Recipient’s profile as a unique alphanumeric code. Each Voucher has its own unique code.

11) The Provider gets access to the Voucher Overview in a shared web interface where the Provider can monitor the validity and status of the Vouchers it has generated.

12) The Recipient can apply the Voucher as a discount on additional services from the Provider according to the terms and conditions set by the Provider.

13) The Provider can go to the Voucher Overview and mark a Voucher the Recipient has used, rendering it invalid.

14) The Provider can also go to the Voucher Overview and mark a Voucher that has expired.

15) By activating the Voucher service, the Provider agrees to the terms of use and undertakes to accept Vouchers, provide a discount (if the conditions for use of the Voucher are met) and perform the requested service.

16) The Provider can give the Recipient additional terms of use for the Voucher immediately after activating the service, if they are not otherwise available. These terms of use will be available to all Recipients and accepting them will be a prerequisite for using Vouchers, but they must not stipulate stricter conditions than those stipulated herein. If the Provider does not exercise this right, the general terms of use for the Voucher will apply (see below).

17) The terms of use for the Voucher are valid, binding and unchanging for the Provider as well as the Recipient from the time the Voucher is created until it expires, i.e. one year after adding the last photograph.

18) In order to access the performance secured by the Voucher, patients must use the Voucher to pay or prepay services before the Voucher expiration date. After that the Voucher is not redeemable and the right to apply it expires, unless the Provider decides otherwise.

19) If the Provider deactivates the service, an existing Voucher does not expire and the Recipient is still entitled to use it until its expiration date.

20) The Voucher cannot be redeemed for cash.

21) Only one Voucher can be used for one purchase.

22) The Voucher is transferrable, not bound to a specific user profile, and anyone can use it with the unique Voucher code.

23) The Operator bears no liability for services offered by the Provider, nor for the quality or volume of such services. The Operator is liable solely and exclusively for the following:

  • Supplying the Voucher to the Recipient, and
  • If the Recipient meets the stipulated conditions, the Provider will not refuse to honor the Voucher.

24) The Operator does not claim remuneration for acting as intermediary for the service.

25) The Operator is the sole owner of the license for using the photographs. Posting the photographs outside Estheticon is permitted only with credit and a link to the source.

26) The Recipient can request that the Operator remove the Recipient’s photographs only if the Voucher has not been used. The Provider’s obligation to the Recipient expires upon use of the Voucher.

27) Withdrawal from the commitment is also possible if the Provider and/or Recipient have not met the terms of use stipulated for the Voucher for reasons on their own part.

28) Withdrawal from the commitment must be made in writing by email.

29) The Voucher is understood as an advance payment provided to and accepted by the doctor, and will be taxed as such in accordance with the relevant tax legislation of the relevant country.

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Updated: 2018-03-14

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