Patients will receive USD 10 from you for each photo they add, for a maximum of USD 100 for 10 photos in one review. Vouchers are transferrable and can be used for your services with a unique voucher code. Estheticon vouchers will bring you new patient reviews with pictures. Your patients will come back to you and recommend you to their friends and family!

These days people look for real reviews – whether they’re buying consumer goods or ordering services. They want to be sure the reviews come from real customers. Photographs clearly showing the results and added by the author of the review give it authenticity and credibility. They also grab readers’ attention and encourage them in making their decision. 

Activate vouchers on my profile

Estheticon review vouchers will:

  • Get you more high-quality reviews with before/after pictures
  • Bring more visitors to your profile
  • Motivate patients to make use of your services more than once
  • Provide additional services to existing patients
  • Increase patient loyalty
  • Motivate existing patients to recommend you to their friends and family
  • Reward your patients for publishing photographs related to the procedure
  • Help you get new patients
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Encourage reviews with before/after photographs: 3000 – 4500 views per year (click on image for detailed view). 

How does it work?

Patients get a voucher worth USD 10 for every photograph they add to a review, with a maximum of 10 photographs for one review. This means patients can win a voucher worth up to USD 100 for products or examinations at the doctor’s office they reviewed. They can use the voucher themselves or give it to a friend. Vouchers are valid for one year from adding the last photograph.

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Activate vouchers in the top menu -> admin -> vouchers (marked red)

Technical details

When the patient uploads the first photograph, the system generates a voucher with a unique code. The voucher increases in value as each additional photograph is added. The voucher holder gives the code to the doctor, who can verify it easily on the Estheticon page.

screenshot BE EN
The doctor puts the voucher number into the admin section to verify the value and whether it has been used already. 

How to start offering this service

Simply go to the section called “Vouchers” in the admin section of your profile to activate the service and consent to the terms and conditions. The activation page also includes a simple validation interface for verifying and validating the voucher, as well as a statistics page for vouchers already validated.

screenshot FE visitor EN

Voucher statistics.

How patients know which doctors offer vouchers

A box appears on the doctor’s profile to let patients know this doctor offers vouchers. We also encourage patients to add photographs when adding reviews.

screenshot reviewform EN
A blue information box appears when contacting a doctor who has activated vouchers. 

Using vouchers

Each doctor sets their own conditions for using vouchers. These conditions are then automatically displayed on the doctor’s profile.

screenshot profil EN
The doctor’s conditions.

Voucher Terms of Use >>

Activate vouchers on my profile

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Updated: 2018-03-20

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