Why Should I List Prices for my Procedures on Estheticon?

We’ve heard it before: “Why should I post prices for my procedures on Estheticon? Won’t talking sums and figures turn potential clients away?” Here are some things that we’ve learned and think you should consider when creating the Price Listing section of your profile.


Surgeons who publish price estimates get three times more patient leads than surgeons who don’t.

It is crucial that you post at least some kind of price for your procedures for the simple reason that many patients browse for procedures by price. They know what they are willing to pay for the aesthetic plastic surgery that they’re interested in having, and need to know if your services will fit within their budgets. These patients get tailored search results that only show doctors who have listed some form of price for their procedure. You'll miss out on a great number of our visitors if you don't at least the average baseline costs for your procedures.

But listing your baseline costs is just the beginning. We’ve found that:

Surgeons who publish realistic prices are taken more seriously than surgeons who post unrealistic ones.

While posting the average baseline costs for procedures will get your foot in the door with these patients, our experience has shown us that transparency is key when it comes to price listing: patients appreciate honesty. Furthermore, patients often require more than the basic procedure; as you well know, every patient is unique, and the services required for each patient can differ greatly within the parameters of a given procedure. That’s why we strongly recommend that you include a short description and price for each necessary part of the procedure, creating a detailed Price Listing section for your profile. In our opinion, the best Price Listing sections include the following:

  • The higher price incurred by the use of special anesthesia;
  • The higher price necessitated by the presence of an anesthesiologist;
  • Your fees and consultation costs;
  • The costs of prosthetics, if applicable; and
  • The costs associated with post-operative hospitalization, if required.

Providing such a detailed Price Listing section of your profile will guarantee that the maximum number of serious potential patients is able to find you. The faster and more conveniently they can access your profile, the quicker they can get in touch. And we don’t need to tell you that getting in touch with patients quickly is the fastest way to grow your business.

Updated: 2015-10-20

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