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Abdominoplastika (Operace břicha)    
  5 z 5 hvězdiček
“Tummy tuck was the only option for my post...”
15.12.2020 | Zasláno od Registrovaný uživatel z London, City of, Velká Británie (GB)
The surgery made my skin straighten again and i can wear tops i thought i would never wear again. Dr. Benes was great, the surgery went well and i received very good care at Forme Clinic. The recovery was good and not too painful as i thought.  After 6 months the result is well visible and the scar is already nice. Thank you again.
Zvětšení prsou (Augmentace)    
  5 z 5 hvězdiček
“Great surgeon and whole team is lovely. ”
28.10.2020 | Zasláno od Morie z Praha, Česká republika (CZ)
Great surgeon and whole team is lovely. I love my breasts now so thank you again.
Abdominoplastika (Operace břicha)    
  5 z 5 hvězdiček
“Tummy tuck, repair of abdominal muscles and...”
4.12.2019 | Zasláno od Sooty z Cheshire, Velká Británie (GB)
Forme clinic was recommended to me from friends who had been for surgery themselves so I knew I was going to be looked after I had a full tummy tuck with repair of the abdominal muscles and 3 area of liposuction Dr Benes and his team were fantastic from the moment I decided to go ahead with the procedure to discharge from the clinic I had email support from the team before I arrived and following the procedure, they genuinely care and dont forget you when your discharged back home During my stay the nurses were outstanding I honestly would recommend forme clinic and in particular Dr Benes and his team, as you can see from my photos only 3 week post surgery the results are amazing The confidence I have from undergoing this surgery is beyond what I expected and not only physically but mentally all this and I'm only 3 week post op the results are only expected to be seen 6 months I wouldn't hesitate to book with Forme clinic from start to finish you are important to them
  5 z 5 hvězdiček
“Very good and fast recovery after liposuction...”
29.9.2019 | Zasláno od Ellie3 z Calderdale, Velká Británie (GB)
Very good and fast recovery after liposuction. I am pleased with the result
Zvětšení prsou (Augmentace)    
  5 z 5 hvězdiček
“Bigger and firm breasts, but still natural -...”
18.8.2019 | Zasláno od Nicoll z London, City of, Velká Británie (GB)
Thanks to dr. Benes i have new size breasts. Used to have them small and very dropped. Thanks to him they look bigger and firm, but still natural
Abdominoplastika (Operace břicha)    
  5 z 5 hvězdiček
“Lovely surgeon and great result after Tummy...”
10.7.2019 | Zasláno od Marsie z Hounslow, Velká Británie (GB)
Happy i have choosen dr. Benes to have my tummy done. Lovely surgeon and great result. Would recommend
Zmenšení prsou    
  5 z 5 hvězdiček
“Highly recommended Formé Clinic! Amazing...”
18.6.2019 | Zasláno od Sarah z Gloucestershire, Wiltshire and Bristol/Bath area, Velká Británie (GB)
After extensive research I chose Forme Clinic for my surgery. Dr Bennes saw pictures of my breasts and tummy and recommended extensive breast reduction (I was a 38GG bra size), lipo and tummy tuck. The medical team is amazing, really kind and willing to answer every question however small. Surgery went well and I spent 3 nights at the clinic followed by 2 nights at Forme Apartments, before my flight home (2 hour flight). I am now 11 days post surgery and the results are already amazing. My tummy improves every day and my breasts are now a B/C cup and hold up on their own! Gone are the huge M&S scaffolding bra's! The recovery so far has been uncomfortable but not painful. It's difficult to get around when unable to stand up straight and I have been really tired. But, I would recommend both the clinic, the apartments and the medical team - all without fault! Don't hesitate to go abroad - the prices are better, the care is better and the clinic and apartments give you comfortable medical and after care.
Modelace prsou (Breast-lift)    
  5 z 5 hvězdiček
“Younger and firmer body after tummy tuck and...”
19.5.2019 | Zasláno od Alexa36 z Nottingham, Velká Británie (GB)
I am almost 40 years and giving birth to 3 children left my body unattractive. I did not want to feel unhappy so that is the way I decided to undergo breast lift and tummy tuck. Thanks to dr. Benes I feel great again in my body. It looks much younger and firmer.
Zvětšení prsou (Augmentace)    
  5 z 5 hvězdiček
“Finally my breasts gained the size and the...”
15.4.2019 | Zasláno od Laksy z Manchester, Velká Británie (GB)
Happy to be in dr. Benes hands. Lovely surgeon. Finally my breasts gained the size and the shape I really wanted so I am grateful for it.
Zvětšení prsou vlastním tukem (lipofilling, lipomodelace prsou)    
  5 z 5 hvězdiček
“Breast enlargement using own fat at Formé...”
3.5.2018 | Zasláno od Robin77 z Cumbria, Velká Británie (GB)
I did not really wanna increase my size of breasts too much and literally needed mostly more firmer and fuller breast. That is way i decided for fat grafting. Even that price was much higher than breast implant i am sure i made good decision. Never really wanted to have something to be placed into my body so this sounded like good option. Clinic looks nice and everyone was very friendly. Dr. Benes explained the procedure precisely what i expected. However it sounded little scary i knew i was in good hands. There were no complications at all. After the surgery i stayed few hour at Forme clinic and was free to go. Now my breasts are fuller. i am very pleased and it can not be seen that i had surgery.
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