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Brustvergrößerung 68 Augenlidstraffung 46 Fettabsaugung 46 Bauchstraffung 37 Nasenkorrektur 34 Facelifting 26 Bruststraffung 16 Otoplastik (Ohrenkorrektur) 9 Bruststraffung mit Implantat 8 Tumeszenz Liposuktion 7 Brustverkleinerung 7 Mommy makeover 5 Oberlidstraffung 4 Behandlung der Hyperhidrose 3 Oberarmstraffung 3 Schamlippenverkleinerung 3 Gynäkomastie Behandlung 3 Halslifting 2 Brustvergrößerung(Lipofilling) 2 Water-jet– Liposuktion 2 Hautwucherungen entfernen 2 BOTOX 2  2  1 Nicht-invasive Behandlungen der ästhetischen Gynäkologie 1  1 Handchirurgie 1 Unterlidstraffung 1 Miniabdominoplastik 1 Minilift - Lifestyle-Lifting 1 Nasennachkorrektur 1  1  1 Hyaluronsäure – Faltenfüller 1 Karpaltunnelsyndrom 1 Lippenlifting 1 Lippenaufbau (Hyaluronsäure) 1 Narbenbehandlung 1 Herausnahme eines Implantats 1 Radiofrequenz Liposuktion 1 Gesichtsimplantate 1 Brustrekonstruktion 1 Nicht-invasives Lifting 1 Mastektomie 1 Regeneris 1 Septoplastik 1 Lipofilling 1 Alle Kategorien
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“Fantastic result after the surgery Formé Clinic”
14.09.2021 | MUDr. Tomáš Beneš | Gesendet von Jollie aus Brighton and Hove, England (GB)
Fantastic result after the surgery. I was happy with my stay at Forme clinic. Everything was nice and clean and very cosy. The staff helped me a lot when I started to be nervous. Dr Benes was very supportive and believed in great result. I am 100% satisfied.
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“Amazing Experience + Great Results ”
14.09.2021 | FORMÉ Clinic | Gesendet von Registrierter Benutzer aus Wien, Österreich (AT)
It was such a great experience I had with the clinic
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“Great experience at Forme clinic”
29.07.2021 | FORMÉ Clinic | Gesendet von Danii aus London, City of, England (GB)
I found Forme clinic on the internet when I was searching for breast augmentation surgery abroad. After an online consultation that was free I booked an appointment with Dr. Bayer. I was nicely surprised by the professionalism of the staff at the clinic. Everyone was friendly and very polite. I had free transport from the airport. The clinic is nice and very modern. My stay was great, Dr and nurses checked on me all the time. The food was also great. And the most important is that I am happy with the result.
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“Blepharoplasty by DR Vasek at Forme Clinic”
20.07.2021 | MUDr. Petr Jan Vašek | Gesendet von Meddy aus Bolton, England (GB)
I had a blepharoplasty a few days ago. I am still waiting for the final result, but it looks already very good. The surgery went very well, there was no pain at all after the operation. Only swelling appeared for a couple of days and also some bruises. Otherwise, I felt fine.
Mommy makeover    
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“Dr helped me with my post-pregnancy body -...”
13.07.2021 | MUDr. Tomáš Beneš | Gesendet von Barbara aus London, City of, England (GB)
Dr helped me with my post-pregnancy body. I underwent a full mommy makeover and I'm very happy I have a nice body again. I had a saggy breast and too much extra skin on my tummy. Could not even look at me and that made me always sad and depressed. Now I love it and I can wear whatever I want. The staff at Forme clinic was fantastic and did their best to made my stay nice.
Liposuktion - Fettabsaugung    
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“Liposuction Amazing result”
07.07.2021 | MUDr. Matúš Baran MBA | Gesendet von Eleeni aus Barnsley, England (GB)
I was planing liposuction on more areas, but when I had a consultation in the UK they asked me to pay a quite big amount of money for it. So I started to research about travelling abroad and I found this clinic. I arranged an online consultation with Dr Baran. He was very nice and told me what needs to be done. I knew I was gonna be in good hands. I had the surgery in general anaesthesia. The result is amazing and I paid less than half of the UK price. I will recommend your clinic further.
Nasenkorrektur - Rhinoplastik    
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“A fantastic surgeon Dr. Vasek, love my new nose”
29.06.2021 | MUDr. Petr Jan Vašek | Gesendet von Carly aus Birmingham, England (GB)
A fantastic surgeon with years of experience. The nose surgery I had was the best I could do. I love my new nose. Thanks to DR Vasek and Forme clinic team for the best care.
Liposuktion - Fettabsaugung    
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“Liposuction of full abdominal and arms at Prague”
25.06.2021 | FORMÉ Clinic | Gesendet von Amber aus Bath and North East Somerset, England (GB)
In April I had my liposuction of full abdominal and arms. I was very pleased with the price I paid. Dr Baran did his best to do the surgery. It was under local anaesthesia and during the surgery, I did not feel any pain. I did not stay at the clinic, but I booked a hotel for another 2 nights. The recovery went fine and the result was visible in a couple of weeks.
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“Abdominoplasty and breast reduction at Forme...”
21.06.2021 | FORMÉ Clinic | Gesendet von Registrierter Benutzer aus Zuid-Holland, Niederlande (NL)
This is the best place you could go to when you are in need of plastic surgery. On every level people are friendly, accurate and above all professional. Your journey starts with the receptionists, onto the nurses and doctors before the procedures, the surgeon during the operation and ends with the nurses who will take great care of you. There is a sensible balance between professionalism and kindness, between caring and your own responsibility to follow the advice of the doctor and nurses afterwards. Pain is manageable (compared to giving birth it's a piece of cake) and painkillers are readily available as required. Skip buying things, going on holidays and restaurants, give yourself the procedure you think you need instead. The doctor will help you make the best decision for the procedure, respecting your health and body shape first and foremost.You are in good hands at the ForméClinic, I certainly was.
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“Tummy tuck and Liposuction at Formé Clinic in...”
18.06.2021 | FORMÉ Clinic | Gesendet von Registrierter Benutzer aus Bayern, Deutschland (DE)
I had a full tummy tuck and lipo to 4 areas. The clinic staff was amazing and very caring. I was relieved to see how clean and well run the clinic was and that most staff spoke great English. Dr. Bénes was my surgeon and he was very easy to talk to. The anesthesiologist was so wonderful and really made me feel comfortable when I was about to go under for surgery. The apartments are also great, perfect place to stay for before and after surgery.